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If you’re on any of the major mailing lists the chances are you’ve already been mailed plenty of times about a new revolutionary product called Commission Autopilot. Amazing new software that’s going to make you thousands of pounds over each and every day…yeah right! As a side note it’s worth following the link just to see the video if nothing else, it brings a whole new meaning to the word “bullshit”! Who’d have thought then that the great secret behind this world ending mega explosion software would be something I casually mentioned nearly 2 years ago? Not exactly the webs biggest secret is it?

Once you get the big secret out of the way what you’re actually left with is a couple of programs for creating and automatically submitting files to document sharing websites. At best these are 2 amateurish programs, as much as I love the .net framework it hasn’t half increased the amount of knock it up and flog it for $x7 merchants out there. Whenever a guru gets a brain fart you can guarantee there will be something for you to pay for and download in a matter of weeks. Anyhoo, I’m going off topic here.

Better Alternative To Commission Autopilot

First of all, did you know that you can get free add-ons for Microsoft office that allow you to save files in PDF format? You can, here is an example for Office 2007. There are also 1001 other free ways of creating PDF files. OK so that and you searching article websites for relevant content just about does away with your PDF creation, the first of the 2 pieces of software in Commission Autopilot. If you wanted to do things a better way you may want to consider submitting unique quality content but heh that’s just me, and not what Commission Autopilot is about.

Now for the submission part. Buy Magic Submitter. NO really, buy Magic Submitter instead of Commission Autopilot. In terms of service count CA comes out on top of MS for the time being (18 versus 8 ) BUT Magic Submitter is being constantly updated and you can easily add the extra 10,20 or even 50 (if you find them) document storage services yourself. More importantly not only will Magic Submitter handle the whole signing up with each service process automatically (CA doesn’t) but it also allows you to spin titles and descriptions for your file submissions. Add in the fact you can submit using random profiles (it literally takes 2 minutes to create a whole new set of profiles for each service) and proxy support and you can see that what you’re left with is a very quick way of submitting PDFs without any sort of a foot print. Don’t like manually completing Captcha’s? Commission Autopilot offers support for Decaptcher, Magic Submitter on the other hand supports 3 seperate services. I haven’t even mentioned that Magic Submitter isn’t just for PDF submission to document storage websites, it’ll also let you automatically submit content to Article Directories, WordPress Blogs, Bookmarking Services, RSS sites, Video sites, Press Release websites and about half a dozen other things some of which I’m not even sure what they are!

New Doesn’t Mean Better

Here is the internet marketing timeline :-

New Product Comes Out > Everybody (Affiliates) Says It’s The Best Thing Ever > 1 Month Later It’s Never Mentioned Again > New Product Comes Out > Everybody (Affiliates) Says It’s The Best Thing Ever etc etc etc

New doesn’t always mean best or even good for that matter. There is very little software out there that stands the test of time. There are 2 I swear by and they are Market Samuari and Magic Submitter. Almost everything else I’ve tried since has just been a rehashed, cheapo, outsourced to god only knows where version of them made by marketers to cash in on an idea. Don’t fall for it.