February 13th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Adobe Air gives cross-platform development capabilities to lazy people, fact. It would seem to be a perfect technology then for “I’m A Big Mac Fan” internet marketing gurus who have had a brain fart and want their new software available to as many people as quickly as possible. This is my personal plea to them….STOP USING ADOBE AIR FOR YOUR INTERNET APPLICATIONS. Why?

Simple, it doesn’t allow proper multithreading. The result, applications that either require a massive backend hosted solution to do the actual grunt work OR are dog shit slow. The Adobe Air platform is pretend technology for pretend developers, it isn’t for any sort of development that is going to end up with lots of internet requests. Or at least I’ve never seen an application written for Air that utilises non blocking ports over multiple threads? Anybody else?

I’m a big fan of Market Samurai and it is was written for Air, this was great until they started to experience some problems that rendered their Cloud infrastructure unworkable. Now they have a “core” software issue that is going to make a lot of people look past their software. I’m sure they’ll bounce from one workaround to the next (there is nothing wrong with my VPN solution, it was working fine till the latest update which has caused the whole process to really grind) in order to silence people who complain, I’ve already seen request delays and the like, but at the end of the day anything they do is going to be so slow.

I hope other people learn from Market Samurai‘s experience and we see a stop to the Adobe Air fad (are you listening Traffic Launch Pad Pro developers?!!!)