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From now on this is going to be the official home of the Adsense-Alert utility I developed. In brief all it does is sit on your desktop notification area updating itself every 20 minutes with how much Adsense money you’ve made so far today. Checking Adsense earnings was something that used to take up waaayyy too much of my day so this was my way around that whole logging in etc etc process.

Adsense Alert Earnings Notification

Besides just retrieving your earnings there are a couple of almost cool things that it does, for a start it lets you set up to 5 daily goals. When each of these is passed you can have the program pop-up a notification (like an e-mail alert), play a sound or even e-mail you with your current total. The second thing is that it allows you to join in with the Adsense Premier League (it is optional). The league is a live list of Adsense earners, showing the top 10 Adsense totals at the current time. Besides being a bit of fun it’s also a great way of promoting an Adsense product if you’ve got something to push, is there a better way of proving how much you know about Adsense other than showing exactly how much you’re earning? If you do decide to join the league then you get to specify what link text and URL you want linking to (IF you make it into the top 10). I’ve got no problems with affiliate URL’s being placed in the link although please note that the Top 10 earners list are all valid links i.e. they are not nofollowed.

Please note that this is only for MS Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc) users, if you haven’t got it already you’ll need the .net framework version 2 installed as well.

If you want to give Adsense-Alert a try please follow the download link below:-

Download Adsense-Alert (403KB)

If you want to include Adsense Alert in your Software Directory website then you’ll find the Adsense Alert PAD File by following the link.

Updated 19th January 2012

Adsense Alert now works with the latest changes Google have made to the Adsense system. In order to get desktop updates of your eanrings you’ll need to sign into the Adsense web interface and change over to the “Low Bandwidth” version which can be selected using the link at the bottom of the page.