January 10th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Promoting real products from online retailers is a great way of making money online. It’s how I’m making the majority of my money now and as much as anything else it gives you a warm pleasant feeling inside to know that customers are buying real things. Anybody whose only ever made money online with shady rebills and multi level make money online stuff should really give it a go, it’s good for the soul! What’s not so good however is the latest trend which has seen lots of affiliates reporting commissions going rapidly down with Amazon.

I’ve fallen victim of this, as has just about everybody I know who does any sort of volume with the Amazon Associates program. In the last 3 months and (since October really) people have been seeing that they’re earning less money from approximately the same amount of traffic. In my case at least this isn’t because of any Amazon commission changes, it just seems that the sales aren’t there, which is strange. I’m not suggesting for one minute that there’s anything dodgy going on in the background here, if anything maybe the popularity of Amazon as peoples all in one stop for online retailing is waining?

What it does show once again is that people shouldn’t rely on only one source of income if they are looking to make a living online. Like I’ve said previously there are other online retailers who offer better terms than Amazon and it’s very rare these days not to be able to find a product on one of several alternative sites running affiliate programs. It’s just a bit of a pain to have to swap out all those links 🙂