June 26th, 2009 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

I bet the vast majority of you are?! You’ll read what I write, you may even agree with some of it. That’s where it ends. The majority of you will not take any action on what I’m saying. You know it’s true, I know it’s true, I read other peoples blogs and do exactly the same. The problem is that amongst all the rubbish that is written on the web there are some real gems of information that should never be ignored. This is one of them.

So this is going to be the last time I ever mention this and if you choose to ignore me again so be it. A little while back I wrote about the difference swapping out Adsense for affiliate offers was making to my income (you can read that post here). Well at the end of May I decided to swap over another page (less than 100 uniques a day), I removed the Adsense (the TLA on that page had already gone thanks to my Google slap). The trouble was that with all that was going on in my life I didn’t have time to source and add a suitable affiliate offer. It was no big deal for me, that page was making less than a dollar a day with Adsense so no real loss. It would wait.

Two days ago I remembered about that page. After some hunting around I finally found a decent related offer through ClickBank (thanks in part to seeing what my old TLA buyers were pushing) that was offering $25 a sale. I created a single inline link to that offer as part of my page text. I’m now averaging 1 sale a day and have made $75 from traffic that for years was generating only $1 a day.

I don’t know any other way of putting this – on any pages where you talk about something specific STOP USING ADSENSE AND START PROMOTING AFFILIATE OFFERS!