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All the way back in September things weren’t going great for me, amongst the many things hitting the fan was that one of my sites got banned from Googles Adsense program. This was the first time I’d ever had that happen (first and only) and it’s a decision I still don’t agree with…but what does my opinion matter?! I had to suck it up and get on with things, whilst it was easy enough to find alternatives to normal Adsense text ads I had a lot of problems with sourcing a good alternative to the Adsense Link Units, that was until I stumbled across an excellent alternative with one of my existing ad partners.

InfoLinks To The Rescue

I’d tried several alternatives including writing my own code to offer up links to various affiliate programs I was associated with but none of them could give a fraction of the return that Adsense Link Units were giving me. The main problem was one of targetting, relevancy is everything when it comes to contextually targetting visitors with ads and even though I made sure what I was serving up was relevant to the page it just didn’t seem to be effective enough to convert. I really needed a PPC source of income for those ad spots.

Best Adsense Link Units Alternative

Fortunately for me I lucked out, one day when checking my InfoLinks account I noticed that they offered something called Related Tags (Doesn’t sound very Link Unity I know). To the lamen they looked like lists of links that had a striking similarity to the Adsense Link Units. Integration only required very simple code changes and I was testing in less than an hour,even on a manually created website and even using the manual placement option instead of the automatic checkbox. It took about a week for me to realise that these were giving by far and away the closest performance to Link Units of everything I’d tried.

If you jump forward to today they are still as effective. All things considered I’m probably getting somewhere around a 50%-60% return from them compared to what I was with Adsense but to be honest that’s about as good as I think it’s going to get. Nobody has the advertisers that Adsense has. If anybody has an Adsense Link Unit alternative that they think is better than that then I’d love to here about it? Until then though I’m sticking with Infolinks Related Tags as my best alternative to Adsense Link Units.