January 20th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Another year, another rant about a host that’s got too big for their boots at the expense of customer service. You can’t make money whilst your websites are offline and Bluehost are good at taking them offline.

Bluehost are definitely removed from my list of recommended hosts (just ask if you want to know who I do recommend, this post isn’t about cashing in). I’ve recommended them to loads of mates in the past becuase they were 1. Cheap 2. Easy to setup new WordPress websites with. They were an ideal beginners host. Except lately I seem to be getting asked to help out a lot with people who are seeing their WordPress websites hacked on Bluehost. “My websites out of Google”. “They’ve suspended my account”. “Adwords won’t accept my ads”.

It’s always the same story, somebody sets up a WordPress website using the CPanel tool for doing it quickly and within a couple of months it’s hacked. I can’t tell you why this is and why it’s only Bluehost but in my experience it is. I don’t get any of the people who I’ve recommended over to Midphase firing e-mails to me shouting “HELLPPP!!”. So what is it? Permissions, probably. Other users on their shared servers, maybe. A total lack of responsibility on their behalf, hmmmmmm.

Do yourself a favour and avoid them until they can sort out why it’s always them, surely it can’t be coincidence?

UPDATE – 15th February 2012
Excuse excuse excuse, blah blah blah! Then today via e-mail:-

“We’re pleased to inform you that your server will be undergoing a major software upgrade, from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6, within the next 48 hours.

This upgrade includes newer software packages (including Python, Perl and gcc), as well as all the security and performance benefits that come along with CentOS 6. In addition to this, the server will be redeployed with a different file system type simultaneously, further increasing performance.”

I really hope this sorts out any problems and that I can go back to recommending Bluehost without fear and retribution 😉