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Build My Rank is one of those things that I’ve never really blatantly written about (I mention it in my recommended tools and have told people in response to comments but I’ve never dedicated a single post to it, until now), why I hear you ask? Simply because the power of their system was always going to be limited by the number of people that used it. Eventually there would come a point where over saturation of their network would occur and like Linkvana before it the effectiveness would decrease rapidly. Affiliate commissions for referring you guys over there are all nice and stuff but not at the expense of a system that is extremely important to my link building strategy. I’m not that stupid, or at least I’m not that stupid anymore!

However now is the time I can write about it because they’ve just announced they are closing their doors to new members. Essentially with any network like this there is only so many posts a day the system can handle before all of the links lose any value. I imagine they are going to close the doors so that they can grow their network for existing members and bring back some of that old magic, because believe me when it was at its best Build My Rank really was magic. I would also hazard a guess that the number of members leaving probably has something to do with that decision, there’s no doubt that in recent months the system has become less effective and I wouldn’t be surprised if some old timers began to get a little frustrated with diminishing results.

You Asshole, Why Tell Me Now?

Yeah sorry about that, but like I said I wanted to protect something that I always considered to be a delicate balancing act. The good news is if you were already a subscriber but cancelled you have 15 days after your previous billing day to sign back up. Also if you’re currently using their free trial then you can still convert to full membership. Unfortunately for everybody else you’ll have to just put yourself on the waiting list, trust me it’s worth doing, because if it comes back anything like how it used to be then you’d be stupid not to use it. And it’s not very often you’ll hear me speak like that about any service.