March 20th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Bummer. According to this post Build My Rank is no more. As of yesterday the vast majority of their network sites were de-indexed by Google. What will this mean to webmasters who had used their service? Well I suppose it depends on how much you relied on their links. I can’t imagine anybody who used BMR as PART of their link building strategy being too badly affected. If on the other hand you hit them hard with the same keyword over and over with little diversification then I imagine your rankings have tanked just about now?

I liked Build My Rank, they offered a good service at an affordable price. What I would probably take from their demise more than anything is the openness of some of these networks. It is the networks that are happy to share the links they produce that seem to be the first to get hammered by Google. What does it mean for the future of these types of link building services? It’s got to mean that from now on users are going to have to operate on a leap of faith basis, I can’t imagine any network that gives details on where links are being placed surviving for long.

It also shows the importance of sourcing links from as many different places as possible, using variations in your keywords and generally linking “smart”. Rest in peace BMR, you were good to me.

Edit: Build My Rank Alternative

Forgot that I should probably add this for people who have found themselves hit hard by the problems over at BMR. This service is the best alternative to Build My Rank that I’d found. Similar pricing, similar strategy, similar results but not affected by Google, well not so far anyway.