Win Cash – Winner

February 27th, 2009 8 Comments

Congratulations go to She who wins the $105.51!

A big thank you to everybody who took the time to enter, it worked out OK for me as well so there’s every chance I’ll be doing more of this sort of thing in the future, stay tuned.

I’d also like to take the chance to apologise for the lack of real content this week, it’s been a bit chaotic. Besides turning 30, it’s also been half term with the family at home and there’s the small matter of me jumping feet first into the most competitive niche online with not 1 website but 2. Is there any money money to be made in hugely competitive markets? I’ll be doing my best to find out. Anyway, I hope that everybody has a great weekend and normal service will be resumed next week.

Win $105.51 Dollars

February 22nd, 2009 0 Comments

The total for my cash prize competition is going to be:- $105.51


To find out how to win this just visit this post.

Win Cash

February 20th, 2009 0 Comments


WIN CASH COMPETITION, CASH PRIZEI haven’t ran a competition in ages so seeing as how I’m celebrating a land mark next week I thought why not hey! I’m going to keep it very simple so the price will be cash (delivered via good old PayPal). The slight catch is I don’t know how much yet, it will be at least $100 guaranteed. You see what I’m going to do is push myself with Adsense tomorrow and whatever I make I’ll give away. A good Adsense day for me is anything between $100 and $250 dollars and I’ll do my best for you tomorrow, promise. If the worst happens and I can’t even manage $100 then I’ll make it up to $100 anyway. So that’s the competition, whatever I make tomorrow on Adsense I’ll give away to one lucky reader. A winner will be drawn a week today, so the 27th of February.

How To Enter

Each person can have a maximum of 2 tickets for this.

1. The first is compulsory and very simple – provide a link to any of my posts (not the home page) from any web page that you own. Your link can come from your blog or any other website you own. It can link to absolutely any post on this blog – just not the home page.

2. The second ticket will be automatic if you’re an email subscriber to my RSS feed. For anyone who performs the link for ticket 1 and hasn’t subscribed via e-mail to my RSS feed subscribing will get you a second ticket.

Once you’ve done 1 (and optionally 2) above leave a comment so that I know you’re in. If you use the e-mail address you used when subscribing in the comment e-mail field it will make my life a lot easier!
One final thing, you will need a PayPal account in order to receive payment so please don’t enter unless you have a PayPal account that you can receive the prize into.

So that’s that, short and sweet. Good luck to all that enter and I shall post an update on Sunday of what the actual price amount will be.

ps If this proves popular enough I may start doing it more often, it’s great motivation to push myself a little more with Adsense 🙂

Last Day Of The Cowpetition

June 18th, 2008 3 Comments

It’s the final day today for one of the biggest competitions that been run in this niche for a long time. John Cow has organised some great prizes for the Cow vs Conn competition:-

* A FREE copy of David Cavanagh 52 Week “Getting Started On The Internet” Program – includes 52 weeks of live conference calls, 1 on 1 coaching and membership site. Also includes 4 day live workshop in Pattaya Beach Thailand ($9,997 Value)
* A FREE copy of Ultimate A-to-Z Information Marketing Brain-in-a-Box from Yanik Silver ($3,000 Value)
* A FREE copy of Dominiche (Ed Dale & StomperNet) — The Art Of Buying & Selling Websites(Electronic version) — ($1,500 value)
* A FREE copy of the StomperNet Home Study Course – 15 DVDs ($1,997 value)
* A FREE copy of Ryan Deiss’ Wholesale Traffic System ($1,997 value)
* A FREE copy of Eben Pagan’s Altitude Home Study Course ($2,497 value)
* A FREE copy of Jeff Mulligan’s QuickieProfits, one year membership ($359 value)
* A FREE copy of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 2.0 ($1,997 value)
* A FREE copy of Frank Kern’s Mass Control ($2,497 value)
* A FREE copy of Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Lab, 60-day membership ($997+ value)
* A FREE one year subscription to TrafficKahuna ($997 Value)
* A FREE copy of the Full Blogging Mastermind Audio Series from Yaro Starak with over 10 hours of up to date blog training ($397 Value)
* A FREE copy of Web 2.0 Marketing Tips from Miguel Alvarez, author of Marketing Factor ($135 Value)
* 2 FREE copies of OIOPubliser ($74 Value)
* A FREE Copy of Affiliate Elite Enterprise Edition ($550+ value)
* A FREE Copy of TrafficTravis ($97 Value)
* A FREE 1 Year Membership at PLR Pro ($1164 Value)
* A FREE Copy of Easy Member Pro Unlimited ($297 Value)
* A FREE Copy of Video Post Robot ($197 Value)
* A FREE Copy of ContentComposer ($297 Value)
* A FREE Copy of SEOCodeBreaker ($97 Value)
* $100 DealDotCom Bucks at ($100 Value)

Cow’s content over the last month has been absolutely superb giving a great insight into how to go from nothing to a popular blog. If you are struggling with your traffic then I highly recommend you go back over the whole series. He’s also promised us that future content will be just as good (I like the new Cow) so it’s certainly worth subscribing the the RSS feed anyway, never mind that it gets your name in the hat for the above prizes!

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