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Pushy Affiliate Managers

December 8th, 2016 0 Comments

Hate them. Why send one e-mail when you can send 15? Just because you’ve made some changes to how you operate you REALLY don’t need a personal response from me to tell you how great you are, especially if in the last 8 years you’ve paid me a total of about £23! The affiliate relationship should be dead simple, if I make you money then I make money. The more I make you the more I make. IF I can find somebody else to promote who I can make more money from then that’s where my loyalty falls, to myself and making money, sorry about that. There is no client relationship here so please stop pretending there is, in the same way I don’t work for your company and we’re not doing each other favours! More importantly if your employer is not making money then neither am I. Whilst you as an affiliate manager get your salary no matter what, the affiliate doesn’t. So please remember that when you’re firing off you 18th e-mail of the day about something that doesn’t really concern me pushing for a reply, feedback, comment, praise or whatever the hell else you want.

Katherine Crowe – Smile

December 14th, 2012 0 Comments

Instead of wasting more money on another internet marketing frauduct this Christmas why not buy something great instead? I’m not going to say too much, just watch this:-

Then this:-

Then do this:-

Buy Katherine Crowe Smile (From Amazon)

Buy Katherine Crowe Smile (From iTunes)

And if you really want to help think about Tweeting/Facebooking and everything else you can think off to raise awareness for this fantastic lady. I’ve had cancer rip through friends and family in recent years and yet I have never seen anybody with such a fantastic attitude to the ordeal, if there is a right stuff to be made off then Katherine Crowe is definitely made of it!

Why We All Owe America A Big Thankyou

November 7th, 2012 0 Comments

I’d be curious to know how much coverage the UK general elections get in the US, no more than a passing mention on a news broadcast I would imagine? The UK coverage of the presidential elections is a little more in-depth and having just had another spat with Sky and being limited to (limited) Freeview I decided to watch the results come in last night. The BBC and ITV both dedicated their main channels to all night broadcasts of this, and it’s with these foreign eyes that I think we owe a large debt of thanks to the American people.

No More Mortgage And A New Boat Engine

July 24th, 2012 0 Comments

Thus concludes the most expensive 6 months of my life. Seeing as how things have really slowed down online (yes they have, sorry but the online economy is very much related to the bigger real world economy) I’ve decided to clean up a few things and get my financial position in as solid a way as possible going forward. In lamens terms? This meant paying off the mortgage. At age….33 (I had to double check for a moment) I no longer have a mortgage and we own our own house. The decision to do this was quite a hard one and involved wighing up the pro’s and con’s of having some debt but in the end it just came down to how unreliable things are at the moment. Even with all the websites I own and the various sources of income I have it’s scary just how much things can jump around from one month to the next so not having a mortgage to worry about is a big weight gone from my shoulders. More relaxtion should equal more productivity, or so I hope. Anybody currently shitting themselves over the way their income is going might want to think about that a bit, I have first hand experience of worrying not being a great motivator for quality work.

Google Profits On The Up

April 13th, 2012 0 Comments

Google see’s a year on year improvement of 39% in the number of people clicking on their ads. You can see full details on just how much money Google are making here. It’s a lot.

Adobe Air Multithreading

February 13th, 2012 0 Comments

Adobe Air gives cross-platform development capabilities to lazy people, fact. It would seem to be a perfect technology then for “I’m A Big Mac Fan” internet marketing gurus who have had a brain fart and want their new software available to as many people as quickly as possible. This is my personal plea to them….STOP USING ADOBE AIR FOR YOUR INTERNET APPLICATIONS. Why?

Done With The Retards

January 26th, 2012 2 Comments

Update 30th March 2012
Come on now you didn’t really think the idiots had stopped did you? I’ve been busy trying to get on with some real work so have let these build up, but the latest lot of refund demands include somebody giving me their credit card details and somebody else even giving me their bank details! There’s also the happy soul who felt the need to bother me not once, nor twice, but 3 times. Congratulations idiots, it seems people are getting even thicker. Just to be totally clear, I am not ClickBank, I am not a ClickBank merchant, I have never sold these people anything nor had had involvement in their purchase from ClickBank.

Update 5th March 2012
It must be silly season, wait until you see the amount of CAPS used in this e-mail. Plus not one, but five exclamation marks in the e-mail subject, he must be really angry, maybe he should have put some of that anger to one side and actually contacted Click Bank instead of just submitted his rant to my contact form. Oh well.

Update 16th February 2012
A massive THANKYOU to people, I’ve now not had a single refund request in a whole week, this is a new record and it shows that people are at last starting to take notice. I really appreciate it. And if you’re wondering WHY I even bother keeping my Clickbank refund instruction page up then it’s for people like this:-

Hi there 🙂

Tried to leave a comment but page didnt want to play , so just thought I’d still like to say Thank You to you for the info on getting a refund from clkbnk , did exactly as you said and it worked a dream !

Again Thanks and I hope you have a magikal day xx 😉


I’ve put my contact form back up for about a week and I’ve already lost count of the number of people contacting me looking for a Clickbank refund. Follow the link and look at the STOP notice, and people are still doing it! So at this point I’m done with this, some people are just too thick. From now on everybody who uses my contact form to ask for a Clickbank refund will find their exact e-mail added to this post for people to laugh at. Whatever details you include in your request to this website (that has nothing to do with Clickbank) are getting published. With any luck this may help people think twice.

Google, Cancer And Affutd

October 22nd, 2011 2 Comments

I’m not a million miles away from the point where I say fuck this for a laugh and go and look for a simpler life elsewhere. I see that in the last month Google have started to fuck about with peoples businesses once again, it’s worth noting that the last time they decided to make major changes to their “non commercially orientated” search algorithm that their quarter profits jumped massively. Never mind the huge number of people who were made unemployed as a result of Googles tweaking (some would say in favour of their own services, as many as 10% of people involved in SEO style jobs lost them according to some surveys). Fuck ’em! Think of it in terms of motorway signs, you wouldn’t give a company free run to put signs up everywhere on a public highway if it also happened to own a number of service stops. Fair competition? Screw that, those signs are always going to favour their own service stops and that’s the position our wonderful governments have allowed Google to occupy over the world wide web. When they were just a search engine they were great, now they compete as a destination for search traffic it’s screwed up and it’s wrong. It might not be in my life time but the big heavy hard backed book will end up being thrown at them and I will laugh.

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