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May 12th, 2008 11 Comments

Why I Felt The Need For A Change

I think it’s fair to say that I haven’t really been overly enthusiastic about any new ways of making money that I’ve tried in the last six months. Be it the latest monetisation method i.e. RevResponse or getting serious about Adwords/Affiliate marketing nothing has lived up to all the hype. Across all of my websites I get on average around 18,000 unique visitors a day, they are from the right geo locations (mainly US, UK and Australia) to convert but they must be the worst visitors in the world 🙂 Nothing I’ve tried lately to squeeze more money out of them has worked in any real terms, yeah I’ve made some money, but just not the large amounts I think my good amounts of traffic should. Even worse, my mainstay money from PPC sources such as Adsense and Kontera has started to decline. I was starting to get fed up with this whole make money online thing, however, they say a change is as good as a break so I decided to go totally away from what I usually do and try something new, something I had major doubts about, Paid-To-Click (PTC) , my first port of call was

What Is And Paid-To-Click
I’m going to explain this in enough detail so that the people who have never heard of PTC get a good idea of what is involved. If you’ve already heard about PTC and then you might want to skip to my conclusions.

OK, so Paid-To-Click is exactly that, being paid to click on an advert and view the landing page. Some PTC sites will make you hang around on the landing page for a certain amount of time before crediting you, some don’t. In order to get involved you sign up with one of these websites (,, you then select from a list of currently active ads, view the ad and get credited with an amount to your account. You do not make large amounts of cash for each advert view, normally few cents or less. It really is as easy as that. is one of the major players in the PTC game. I think they started sometime around the beginning/middle of 2007. I first heard about them in October 2007 but wasn’t interested back then (My mistake). First things first, in order to get paid with you’ll need to set yourself up an account at AlertPay (takes about 5 minutes). The actual sign-up process at is equally as simple. Once you’re signed up will pay you $0.01 for each advert you view for 30 seconds. You click on an ad, a new screen appears with the ad landing page and a count down times, wait 30 seconds and you get the green tick and credited. I guess the idea of the count-down is to stop you opening multiple ads at the same time (doing this will result in a red cross instead of a green tick and no credit for that ad). There is no denying that this is micro money making, but there is a way of making earn real amounts of money for you, just read on to find out how I did it.

How I Make Real Amounts of Money With
Anyway, so you’re going to be a long time waiting to get rich earning $0.01 for 30 seconds. Do this 10 times a day and you earn $0.10. Do this every day and you’ll earn around $3.00 a month, that wouldn’t pay for my lunch! However, the real key to making money with is referrals, for each person you refer you make what they make. Every time they view an ad you also earn $0.01. So if they do the “average” you’ll make $3 a month from each referral (sometimes more, sometimes less). Build yourself a nice little referral network of 200-300 and all of a sudden this micro money making is mini money making. Get yourself 1,000 or so referrals and now you’re making real money from

So we all know that getting referrals isn’t as easy as that? Well this is where excels, they allow you to BUY REFERRALS. Basically you can buy unreferred members from I can already hear the screams, “there’s no way this would work!” Well take me for example, I signed up without a referrer, in my first 6 days I clicked on 117 ads. Because I wasn’t referred by anybody I went into the pool of users who get sold, whoever just bought me more than made their money back in less than a week! Any more clicks from me is pure profit for them. Here are the prices for the referral packages:-

15 Members – $16.98
35 Members – $34.95
100 Members – $98
500 Members -$459

Just to give this a go and not wanting to risk much money I started of by buying myself 15 referrals for $16.98 Within 3 days they were credited to my account. 1 week later it was very clear that this WAS working, I was making just over $1 a day. I decided to see if it would scale so the next thing I did was buy 100 referrals ($98) plus the premium upgrade ($59 for 1 year). The premium account upgrade gives you an extra 25% for each click you do as well as each click that your referrals do. It took me 17 DAYS to make my money back on my 100 referrals! This does scale, I’m so confident that I’m in the process of buying 2,000 referrals! I would never dream of making that sort of investment unless I was absolutely positive that this was genuine.

Will I continue To Use
In a word, yes. At this rate I will have quadrupled my money in a couple of months. In the meantime I’ll carry on viewing ads each day so that the person who bought me continues to make as well. I think this is important to emphasise, this isn’t a pyramid scheme where the few people at the top can sit on the backsides doing nothing. You don’t get paid for your referrers referrals. This is much more a you scratch my back I scratch yours community. I feel very strongly that you need to participate in the community to get the most out if it. If everybody sat back waiting for their referrals to do all the work then nobody would be making anything. This also makes it the perfect online money maker to do as part of your normal job. All it takes is 5 minutes during your lunch break to do your bit for the community. Now seeing as how each referral is a real person they are bound to have a finite lifespan before they eaither stop clicking altogether or maybe they just slow down. This is natural. My own experience is that I’m going to make a very good ROI before that ever comes close to happening and that is why I’d strongly suggest you invest a little time and money into

What About Long Term

Nobody knows what the future holds but I’m confident that will be around for quite a while. A lot of the adverts are MMO related (and decent ones at that), a perfect fit for their advert clicking audience. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve signed up with one of the FX trading guides, yeah I really am diversifying! As long as both the advertisers and clickers continue to make a profit then there’s no reason why this can’t go on?

Just in case you’re in any doubt, I’ve made real money with, I’m 100% into it and I suggest you try it to. Just remember the key things to think about are that you’ve got to get used to being somebody’s referral yourself and that getting referrals (either paid or the old fashioned way) for your account is the way of making real bux with

Disclaimer – The above post does contain affiliate links for the PTC program. However, I’m not bigging this up in order to get you signed up, there is no point, buying active referrals will make me more money! I absolutely believe that this is a genuinely great way of making some money online. Even if you do sign up without a referrer you wil be “sold” when somebody else buys a referrals package. If you do decide to give a go (it is totally free to sign up and use) I don’t think it’s wrong that you should try it as one of my referrers and not somebody elses! If you don’t like being referred then please feel free to delete my affiliate code from the sign up page.

Hail Mary

May 7th, 2008 1 Comments

So as I’ve eluded to recently the old Adsense/PPC side of things isn’t going so great at the moment. It’s been a bit shite for certainly at least the last month anyway. Adsense/Kontera and WidgetBucks all seem to be not wanting to give me my usual amounts of cash.

In the spirit of “speculate to accumulate” I’ve just pumped a Hail Mary lump of money into something new that I hope will replace this income long term, but with very short term benefits! In fact I reckon I’ll know within 2 weeks! I’m really hoping it’s going to be one of those “Yes, Get In There, I am The Best”, moments (Just like TrialPay) and not one of those “Well What A Waste of Time That Was”, moments (Just like Agloco).

Of course you, my loyal readership shall be the first to know, winner or not I’ll be posting about this in some detail in the the very near future (unless it turns out to be so bad that I just delete this post and pretend it never happened :))

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