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Swagbucks Proof

October 5th, 2011 0 Comments

First of all no I’m not dead, I’ve just been really busy, I’d like to say busy fishing and doing fun stuff but unfortunately I’ve thrown myself into a number of new projects and they’re real ball breaking time eaters. The shit has also hit the fan a number of times over the last couple of months but that’s a story for another day. But anyway that’s not the point of this post, Swagbucks and more to the point showing that you can make some money with Swagbucks is.

My HomePages Friends Call It A Day

June 23rd, 2009 4 Comments

I’ve liked using the My Homepages Friends service, in the time I’ve been using them I’ve made almost £80 just from internet searches. It’s been a nice little win/win situation.

However, I’ve just received notification that they are changing their business model, instead of paying you for your searches they are going to give the money to charity on your behalf. Whilst that is all well and good it’ll kill the service over night. People use it because they want to earn money by searching the internet, not because they want to give to charity. There are plenty of other ways of doing that.

It’s been good whilst it lasted but the simple solution for me now is to change over to SwagBucks, I’ve already got a couple of hundred points from my referrals so it should take me no time at all to be redeeming some decent rewards.

You heard it here first, SwagBucks is the future of paid to search!

SwagBucks – An Alternative To My HomePages Friends

March 23rd, 2009 4 Comments

Within a few hours of writing how My HPF were no longer accepting US users I received a number of e-mails from people (well 3 to be precise) asking if I knew of any alternatives. Thanks to a handy comment I do now, SwagBucks. Before writing about it I though I’d have a look inside and see what they had to offer. The short version is that it all looks very nice, there may be some minor issues, but generally it seems just the job.

My HomePages Friends Turns Back On The US

March 18th, 2009 2 Comments

First of all thank you to Mizz Mercedes for letting me know about this. It seems like My HomePages Friends (the get paid to search, search engine) are suffering from click fraud. This always seems to happen with any low value, high volume money maker. Things must be getting bad though because one of the countries that users can no longer use the service from is the USA! That’s right, because of click fraud My HomePages Freinds have stoppped accepting US users.

My Search Funds Becomes HomePages Friends

June 8th, 2008 18 Comments

I’ve been using My Search Funds Now for nearly a month and don’t have anything bad to say. So far just my own searches have netted me nearly $15, add in the searches from my 120+ referrals (and their referrals) and the total means I’ll be getting paid very soon! Not bad at all for doing what I was already doing anyway. As far as getting referrals goes it’s not a hard sell, get paid for doing the internet searches you do anyway, who could resist?

In the time I’ve been using My Search Funds they’ve had problems with their Meta search engine but the good news is that things are now sorted. Whilst it didn’t hurt any earning potential it did raise questions about future plans. In a move to rebrand My Search Funds have now become HomePages Friends. As part of the re-launch they’ve now also teamed up with a permanent search partner in the shape of Yahoo. This is excellent news for future stability and shows that they are in fact a serious business with long term plans. I can’t wait to get my first payment from them and will be posting proof as soon as I get it.

For those not in the know HomePages Friends pay you for doing the searches that you do anyway. It works by installing an extra search bar in your browser, every time you use this to search you get paid (no popups, spyware, extra ds). Average payment for each search is around 2p-3p (or $0.04 – $0.06 US). What I’ve learnt since using it is that I don’t search as much as I thought, even so I’ve quickly built up some nice earnings with them. Before you ask, you are paid a percentage of the advertising revenue that they generate from Yahoo so it is a pretty future proof plan, certainly as long as Yahoo are still around! The key with earning money with these systems is to get your friends on board, HomPages Friends will pay you 3 levels of referral, so you’ll be earning from your friends, friends, friends searches. As I’ve found already the numbers soon start to stack up. When I joined My Search Funds there were about 70,000 members, when I look today I see that HomePages Friends has over 100,000. This is growing quickly and it’s the early adopters that will benefit most.

HomePages Friends has quickly become one of my favourite totally passive income earners. Why not give them a go, you’ve literally got nothing to lose?

Yes It Really Is This Easy – My Search Funds

May 17th, 2008 0 Comments

Since I mentioned My Search Funds I’ve had a couple of people e-mail asking if there is some catch to using it? I’m sorry to disapoint but there really isn’t. Just to prove how easy it is to get started I’ve knocked up a little video so that you can see for yourselves. The only possible problem would be if you abused the system by just doing searches all day, I’m sure there would soon lay down the ban hammer on you for that. So as long as you use it properly it really is as simple as this:-

My Search Funds

May 15th, 2008 0 Comments

No sooner had I found than I find another make money online idea that has the potential to make you even more money! You wait for a good MMO idea to come along and all of a sudden there are 2 slapping you in the face.

My Search Funds is a service that could make you a very nice amount of cash each month, there are a numbers of reasons why I’m backing this one but I’ll go into that later. First of all I’d better explain a little. Have you ever heard of Agloco (A Global Community)? They had a toolbar that they said would result in them paying you to surf, the more time you spent surfing the more money you’d make. It was a bad idea, badly executed and to the best of my knowledge nobody made a penny out of it! My Search Funds is a sort of similar idea but with very different execution, this one really works. They are going to pay you for something that you do every day, but the difference to Agloco is that they really are going to pay you! And these are the reasons I’m going with it:-

1. Their toolbar integrates seemlesly into your Firefox/IE7 Browser, with no popups/ads slowdowns or anything else nasty.

2. They are paying you to search the internet, just as you currently do every day.

3. Excellent quality search results, no impact on your search experience.

4. You can see your earnings accumulate on a day to day basis

5. Payment terms are easily understood and they will pay you either direct to your bank account or via Paypal.


6. They allow you to earn 10% of your friends earnings, 5% of their friends and finally 2.5% of their friends. This has true multi-level earning potential.

The real power in this system, and where it is similar to Agloco, is getting your friends on board. It’s really not that hard a sell, you search as you always do but get paid a percentage of the advertising revenue that you’re making the search engines. It’s totally free to join, only takes a few minutes to sign up and it has zero impact on how you currently use the internet. In fact it’s important that you only use it as you would search at the moment i.e. no fake searching to generate revenue (you’ll just be wasting your time and bandwidth) I started letting people know about this yesterday and have 11 friends signed up already. If they use it as an “average” person would, let their friends know and them their friends then in about a months time I should have some nice passive income from My Search Funds.

On my first day with My Search Funds I did 13 searches with the search bar and made £0.29:-
my search funds earnings

The search bar just ads another option to the search options in Firefox, no extra toolbars or popups:-
my search funds earnings

It’s a great system, install and forget, you’ll be earning money for what you currently do for free in no time. To get started you can sign up as one of my friends by following this link.

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