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Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Alexa Skills And Why Affiliate Marketing Is Dead

November 11th, 2016 1 Comments

This is going to be a bit of a rambling post but I thought it was time enough to bring everything up to date in a mind dump sort of way so here goes.

Small Business And The Credit Crunch (UK Edition)

August 5th, 2009 6 Comments

So that was it then? The worst recession in modern times is over quick as a flash and now all seems to be honky dory again. Certainly in the UK we are hearing reports of month on month house price rises and that “money is beginning to flow” again. What I don’t understand is why people consider this a good thing? Isn’t over inflated house prices and the “money flowing” the whole reason why things took a turn for the worse?

How Much Traffic Can Shared Hosting Handle?

July 26th, 2009 6 Comments

One of the most important things with running any business is keeping your costs under control. If you consider your attempts at making money online to be a business then one of the very first costs you’re going to encounter is hosting. If you’re in anyway serious about making money from the internet then you really need your own website, free services like WordPress hosted and Blogger just aren’t worth it. When it comes to choosing hosting there are 2 factors that tend to influence people the most 1. How reliable is the service? 2. How much traffic will my hosting account handle?

Midphase Affiliate Program – Easy Money

May 12th, 2009 2 Comments

Michael Kwan, what a hoot! How dare he suggest that I’m slap dash about my blogging, does he not know that blogging is my life? Shame on his clumsy, accident prone self.

Anyhoo, I’ve had a really good time with the Midphase Affiliate Program recently and so have decided that it’s something worth sharing. My plan was to do this on Saturday but I went out on Friday night with a few friends and managed to get totally shit-house drunk. Saturday was a no go and I was still blowing a very high reading when I checked Sunday (if you’ve subscribed to the RSS via e-mail wanting the password for the $100 day Adsense post then I’m still playing catch up). Fortunately my head has just about returned to Earth so here we go, the Midphase Affiliate program and how to make money with it.

Make Money Online – Resources

April 22nd, 2009 5 Comments

Somewhere buried on my “to do” list has been the need to add a list of the resources that help me Make Money Online to this here little blog. The good news is that I’ve finally got around to it…well sort off. I’ve only added a couple of newer things so far, I will add other products and services as and when. I have a list of 6 that are shoe ins for now, some of which I have written and are exclusively available from here, others of which are the resources that I’ve paid for/been given by third parties.

The Worst Bookies Ever

January 28th, 2009 1 Comments

I’m going to put this down as the biggest mistake I’ve ever made online. It’s now cost me hundreds of pounds, forget your dollars here I’m talking big boys currency, hundreds upon hundreds of genuine great british pounds!

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself…

January 8th, 2009 2 Comments

The following e-mail is apparently genuine. It was sent from a business owner in the states to his staff in relation to the changes that have and are going on over the Atlantic at the moment. It really hit a chord with me. I am sick to death of our governments

Getting A Custom CMS? Think SEO

September 1st, 2008 0 Comments

Having a website design company design you a custom content management system is becoming quite the thing to do these days. Whilst the initial costs are much higher than that of a static website many small companies prefer to have the option of updating and creating new content at will, both major advantages of using a CMS over traditional static website development. The problem is though are you getting value for money, with even an average bespoke system costing upwards of £6000 it’s very important that your website performs. A lot of website designers and PHP programmers aren’t even aware of the impact a badly designed (in terms of SEO) content management system can have on their clients potential rankings. As you’re the customer it’s up to you to make yourself aware of the pit-falls and how to avoid a “bad” CMS.

3 SEO Checks To Make On Your Custom CMS

1. Search Friendly URLs – Most CMSs work by querying a database with a set of parameters and populating a templated page depending on that query. As a result the URL you see in the navigation bar will often look similar to Search engines do not like long query strings and are quite partial to just knocking them off. You could end up severely limiting what pages get indexed by the search engines. A smaller list of indexed pages more likely will result in less “free” organic search traffic. The easiest way of fixing this problem is to have your web design company use the URL re-write rules that come with using a Linux/Apache platform to create search friendly URLs. For the example, the above could end up looking like (just an example, in reality it wouldn’t be hard to make this . No query string, nothing for the search engines to dislike. If you are going down the IIS and ASP/ route then there are workarounds, they are just a little bit more involved.

2. Duplicate Content – The search engines (well Google mainly) hate duplicate content, it’s in your interest to only ever feed them 1 copy (under 1 URL) of each unique page of your website. Luckily there is a ready made mechanism for making sure this happens, it’s called the robots.txt file. The file is read by the search spiders/robots and they use it to tell them what they can or can’t trawl from your website. When this matters with custom content management systems is that developers have a tendency to provide multiple paths to the same content (be it categories/ tag clouds or just a simple search function). Whilst this is great for visitors you have to make sure that the search engines only get 1 copy of your content.

3. Only Make Secure What Needs To Be Secure – When you are having your CMS written it’s always nice to have a secure area, maybe it’s for staff or registered users? The problem is that the search engines can’t spider anything that requires a login (99% use cookie authentication and the search robot can’t pass a cookie to authenticate itself). It’s very important then that when at the design stage that you make it clear that you want as much content as is possible in the open public part of your website. You’d be amazed what sort of content can draw organic search traffic, don’t limit yourself by hiding content away that doesn’t need securing.

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