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It’s not that I’m a compulsive stats checker (much) but I do like to know how much money I’m making with Adsense on a day by day basis. There’s no way I would have spent so much time writing my Adsense Alert program if it wasn’t something I was concerned with. I bought an iPod touch a few months ago and along with playing various Tower Defence games one of the other things I was using it for was checking my Adsense Earnings, that was until they changed their system to report Estimated Earnings. That simple changed pushed the earnings amount of the screen. Here’s how to get your Adsense Earnings on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

First of all, no, this isn’t an iPod application. I was going to write one but figured that Google may be planning something of their own. Then there was the thought of quickly extending the Adsense Alert program to handle this but why bother when the iPhone has such great web functionality and it would mean you having to have a computer running to get your earnings amount. All that is really needed is a way of loading Adsense in a way that doesn’t frame itself in the login page.

1. Using your iPhone or iPod touch browse to this Adsense Login

2. Use the + button in Safari to Bookmark the page.

3. Use the “Add To Home Screen” button to add a shortcut icon to your iPhone/iPod app list (Just call it Adsense)

4. Close Safari and use your new shortcut icon, enter your Google Adsense authentication details and enjoy a fully functioning Google Adsense website on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

It’s as simple as that. Now if you’d like to do me a favour please bookmark and share this page with as many people as you can. Cheers.