February 28th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Direct Track have been/are still going through their biggest network downtime in their history. What started off as one of their “usual” glitches has suddenly developed into a full on disaster for the internet marketing industry. It is anybody’s guess just how much money affiliate marketers have missed out on over the past week, I thought I wasn’t affected but it looks like I may have been wrong.

Does anybody know what relationship there is (if any) between Clickback and Direct Track? I’d always assumed there would be no connection but when I noticed my earnings tanking from the 24th of February for one product I did begin to wonder. Then when my sales continued at zero for almost 4 full days I began to wonder even more. As it stands now I’ve just had my first sale through from that Clickbank merchant in the last 20 minutes. This isn’t normal, I’d expect at least half a dozen a day and I have checked and yes the traffic has remained constant. Has anybody else noticed their Clickbank earnings taking a hit during the Direct Track downtime, is it just coincidence or is it maybe only certain Clickbank merchants using Direct Track as well, I’d love to find out?