September 10th, 2008 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Now this was supposed to be a post where I write about that no matter how good I think Chrome is or isn’t it is something that will only be adopted by the techy “I own my own website” types. And that how for a lot of users Internet Explorer still IS the internet, Firefox, never heard of it mate.

That’s how it was supposed to be, working from guessing based on my own personal experiences with friends and family. Then I looked at the stats of 2 of my websites for the last 4 days. The top one is very much webmaster based (this blog in fact). The bottom figures are those from a much more general website aimed at a very broad demographic of visitors, the vast majority I expect would have no tech experience at all (look at those IE figures!):-

It just goes to prove that you should never second guess people. On both sites Chrome usage is around 2%. If I look at a day to day comparison I can see it growing steadily. After about 1 week with only Windows support I think that’s pretty good and I’m sure that Google will be happy with it. On the other hand it now means of course that I’d better go and fix my JavaScript problems (Damn you stats) 🙂