April 13th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

There have been some strange goings on lately around Money Schemes Towers. Ignoring what Google has been up to there have also been a couple of more significant changes affecting the amount I’m making from Pay-Per-Click sources. I think I’ve finally got my head around what is going on now and this is why I’d suggest that if you haven’t already you may want to NOT remove your Build My Rank posts!

Everybody knows that visitors from Bing and Yahoo are the real clickers? Google traffic is great for bulk and for showing off impressive visitor stats but when it comes to making money, especially from pay-per-click adverts, then Bing and Yahoo are where it’s at. Of course the Build My Rank, LinxBoss etc systems don’t target one specific search engine, backlinks from these sources also had a major (most of the time even more significant) impact on your other search rankings. I had one page in particular that was being propped up quite nicely by Build My Rank and this is why I regret having those posts removed. That one page has gone from earning over £10 (about $15) a day to less than £1. It wasn’t really getting any Google traffic anyway so that wasn’t the problem, it’s the crash in rankings on Bing that has killed its income.

There is an important lesson to be learned here, Google != The Internet.