August 13th, 2011 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

I’m currently on holiday, this post comes to you all the way from sunny Spain where it’s about 33 Celsius in the shade and I’m a healthy shade of red. I’ve still got time to keep track of things though and I thought I’d share something I noticed over the last 10 days. Google have readjusted weightings again and it looks like exact match domains are back in favour big time.

I’m running ranking checks every 3-4 days and combined with keeping track of Google Analytics I’ve been able to notice this trend. I’m seeing big website none matched domains suffering at the moment whilst my smaller more targeted domains are doing a great trade in natural Google traffic once again. To be honest this constant chopping and changing is starting to piss me off! It’s not even a case of trying to second guess what Google wants because the problem is that Google can’t decide what it wants itself. FFS, is the domain name important in terms of relevancy OR NOT? Is it more important than the rest of the content on any given page? In my mind I’d say of course not, otherwise we’d all end up with hundreds of one page exact match domain websites, that doesn’t sound a healthy world wide web to me. Big sites with lots of high quality, natural, unique content have to be the future so for now I’m not going to change anything. I’ll just let Google play around with their weightings until EMD spam domains find their right place once again (Preferably below my real content).