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Update:- I No Longer Recommend Free Traffic System

I stopped recommending Free Traffic System when I noticed some large discrepencies on the content they’d accept from free members compared to the junk content they were pumping out to blogs. If you’re looking for a Free Traffic System Alternative then I’d recommend either Article Marketing Robot or Unique Article Wizard.

Article Marketing Robot costs a one of payment of $97 (5 day free trial available) and is only for Windows PCs. Whilst article submission doesn’t have the weight it used to it is still effective and I use it a lot. Article Marketing Robot in particular works extremely well in gaining large amounts of links from respected directories with ease. It’s also very nice to see a one off payment for a linking tool!

Unique Article Wizard is still effective post Panda, it’s still one of the best article syndication networks out there and a lot more affordable than most at $67 a month. Do not even try to compare UAW to My Article Network and Free Traffic System, it’s in a different league.


I’ve tried a lot of “build back links and get traffic” systems in the past, it’s not very often I find one that actually works. It’s even less often I find one that works yet is 100% free. Free Traffic System is one such rarity!

Try The FREE Traffic System (For Free :))

Would it surprise you to know that I’m currently spending over $250 a month just on testing backlink building services? The reason I do this is simple, if you can find one or two that really work for you then they are absolutely worth their weight in gold. Even though people bang on about social proof the reality for internet marketing in 2010 is that backlinks are still the best way of increasing rankings, increasing traffic and all things being equal – increasing your income. Believe me when I say that $250 is a drop in the ocean if you can find a system that can help deliver quality backlinks .

Most of the systems I’m trying at the moment are based on the idea of publishing blog posts (or articles) over a wide network of blogs. You write an original article, “spin it” (this means providing several alternatives to make each article unique) and the system then drips your posts out to blogs in the network. There are a number of paid variations on this theme out there. This is good old fashioned link building on steroids, and as far as I’m concerned totally white hat. The only time this gets iffy is if you’re spreading out duplicate crap across a poor quality network. This definitely isn’t the Free Traffic System.

Key Points Of The Free Traffic System:-

1. Get Up to 60 One Way Back Links Per Article
2. No Need To Submit Your Own Blogs To Use
3. Very High Quality Network
4. Free Really Means Free With This

I stumbled across the Free Traffic System after seeing it recommended on several forums. My gut instinct was to try a paid account ($37 a month special offer) as this would give me the chance to compare and contrast it like for like with the other paid services. Common sense did hit home and instead I opted to put a couple of articles out there on the free network. I was instantly impressed.

The Free Traffic System offers all the functionality of the monthly paid membership services, the interface is as professional as any of them. It also takes about the same amount of time to spin an article as the others (30-40 minutes for me). Because it’s a free system they are very strict on the quality of the articles (perhaps even more so than when other paid services), a minimum of 450 words and it has to be good quality original stuff. If you’re just going to spam cr@p then don’t even bother trying, you’ll get nowhere. It took roughly a day for an artcile to get approved for me, again this is right up there with the other systems.

The proof is in the pudding with these link systems, has the Free Traffic System helped improve my rankings? Absolutely. My spun articles have been slowly dripped out to a number of sources (several with decent PR) and I have noticed a shift in my rankings within days. I’ve managed to go from page 3 to page 1 of Google for my keyword target (wasn’t using any other systems to promote this 1 page). Sure it wasn’t a hugely competitive search phrase BUT the fact of the matter is the Free Traffic System has had a positive effect. It’s a little known fact that even half a dozen links can make the world of difference. Of course I’d need more links if I was chasing something really competitive but the fact that the system has had a positive impact puts it above a lot of the competition. Once you know it works it’s just a case of how much you want to use it. The Free Traffic System is going down as one of those link building sources that I’ll be keeping.

If the price of using these types of system in the past has put you off then the Free Traffic System is a great way to get started. In fact scrub that, it’s good enough to stand up on its own two feet as a system you should use even if it was a paid service, something I’ve now upgraded my account to. Whilst spinning an article may seem like a lot of work I’d suggest you stick at it, it does get easier with practice. Even if it takes an hour to do a really good job you’re still getting a lot of relevant, quality back links for only an hours work which is impressive.

Overall then the Free Traffic System gets my thumbs up approval. The Free account is just that and offers full access to the system with no obligations.

Sign Up For Your Free Traffic System Account Here

(The above is my review of the Free Traffic System based on my own experience. There will be affiliate links in the review simply because they have an affiliate program and I’ve found the system to work. If they didn’t have an affiliate program then I’d still say it’s a great system. If it was crap I’d not bother linking to it at all, I’d also make it more than clear that I thought it was not worth your time)