October 22nd, 2011 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

I’m not a million miles away from the point where I say fuck this for a laugh and go and look for a simpler life elsewhere. I see that in the last month Google have started to fuck about with peoples businesses once again, it’s worth noting that the last time they decided to make major changes to their “non commercially orientated” search algorithm that their quarter profits jumped massively. Never mind the huge number of people who were made unemployed as a result of Googles tweaking (some would say in favour of their own services, as many as 10% of people involved in SEO style jobs lost them according to some surveys). Fuck ’em! Think of it in terms of motorway signs, you wouldn’t give a company free run to put signs up everywhere on a public highway if it also happened to own a number of service stops. Fair competition? Screw that, those signs are always going to favour their own service stops and that’s the position our wonderful governments have allowed Google to occupy over the world wide web. When they were just a search engine they were great, now they compete as a destination for search traffic it’s screwed up and it’s wrong. It might not be in my life time but the big heavy hard backed book will end up being thrown at them and I will laugh.

Yesterday we held the funeral of my step-mum. She wasn’t old, she died of cancer. This isn’t the first dealing I’ve had with cancer, in fact I’m sick to the fucking back teeth of it. We all have to die but I don’t see why people should have to die in a slow and painful way rotting away to nothing whilst everybody gets to look on helpless. The impact invariably ripples out like a small stone being thrown into a flat calm lake. Once again there is a mad dash of people going for check-ups for every lump and bump, once again my long term aches and pains come to the fore, is it really time to get things checked out or do you just say fuck it, safe in the knowledge that sometimes it’s best NOT to know? I’ve lived in pain for 8 years now why even think about putting a name to it..no matter what that name is. They reckon about 1 in 3 people will suffer from cancer in their life…I do have an increased risk, I also have a wife and daughter. I would gladly take that hit 100% of the time.

And finally to top of an amazing month one of my biggest partners Affutd the affiliate side of William Hill has seen their staff in Israel go on strike. What impact this will have long term I have no idea but I’m not about to sit back and see. It’s just another great big pile of work to get through migrating links to other more reliable bookmakers instead. There is hardly a month that goes by where some major negative change isn’t occuring with one or another of my advertising partners.

If it wasn’t for the time I get to write software I’d give up this whole fucking business in a heartbeat. It’s full of wankers, liars and the sorts of pricks that I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire in the street in everyday life. Think about that for a minute before trying to get in touch with me in the hope of pushing your next great proposal that you have to “connect with my web properties”.


(And for the half a dozen or so sites scraping my content, enjoy the fucks you fucking pricks, welcome to the world of Googles adult filter).