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Google see’s a year on year improvement of 39% in the number of people clicking on their ads. You can see full details on just how much money Google are making here. It’s a lot.

So the next time you hear Matt Cutts or somebody else from Google banging on about relevant search results and delivering what web surfers want you should keep in mind that relevancy in Google’s eyes is about what is relevant to Google’s bottom line at the end of the day. All of these search updates in the last 12 months have had a massive positive effect on how much money Google is making from their paid click model. I’d bet they are driving more traffic to their own websites now than ever. It’s simple really, you push more people towards having to pay for traffic and because of the bidding system the cost of that traffic also rises. Who wins? Google. You just have to rinse and repeat this “tweaking/optimisation” of the search results until the majority of top results are Google owned websites and everybody else can scrap over buying clicks at $1+ whilst Google benefit from the ad buyers and ad clickers.

Do no evil my ass.

The moment Google branched out from being the motorway sign posts (search engine) to actually owning the service stations (destination websites) somebody somewhere in power should have had a massive fucking big red alarm go off in their office. I’ve got no problem with companies making huge amounts of money, that’s what business is about. In my opinion though Google have bypassed so many ethical/competition safety guards because of their “Heh we’re doing nothing, we don’t even mean to make this money” bullshit that they seem to pass off. Just because their revenue model isn’t centred around directly selling a product doesn’t mean they are not in it for the money and so should have to answer to the same tests every other growing business faces.

People need to ask themselves are Google delivering 39% better and more relevant search results since first quarter 2011? I know what my answer would be.