January 27th, 2009 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Google isn’t a big fan of link directories, they’ve got a proven history of slapping them all ends up. The trouble for the avid webmaster is that it seems that some directories tend to buck the trend and meet whatever quality guidelines Google sees fit to impose this week. These can be a very easy link. There is also the issue that some of my competitors seem to rank well using nothing other than directory backlinks, that hurts!

With this in mind and due to the fact that Google has again just slapped a load of directories I thought it was time I updated my directory list. You can now see for sure which directories still have page rank (as at todays date) and which have traffic (Alexa rank) and backlinks. The thing to remember about link direcories as well is this, Google may hate them BUT there are other less fussy search engines out that which to be quite frank, couldn’t give a toss.

As part of this update I’ve also updated the Find Domains tool. I hadn’t used it for a while so didn’t notice that Yahoo was getting all fussy a about which user-agents its API would accept. That’s fixed now although there is still the limitation on the number of lookups you can do in any 24 hours. I will get around to binning the API and getting the link info from somewhere else sometime soon.