May 7th, 2008 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

So as I’ve eluded to recently the old Adsense/PPC side of things isn’t going so great at the moment. It’s been a bit shite for certainly at least the last month anyway. Adsense/Kontera and WidgetBucks all seem to be not wanting to give me my usual amounts of cash.

In the spirit of “speculate to accumulate” I’ve just pumped a Hail Mary lump of money into something new that I hope will replace this income long term, but with very short term benefits! In fact I reckon I’ll know within 2 weeks! I’m really hoping it’s going to be one of those “Yes, Get In There, I am The Best”, moments (Just like TrialPay) and not one of those “Well What A Waste of Time That Was”, moments (Just like Agloco).

Of course you, my loyal readership shall be the first to know, winner or not I’ll be posting about this in some detail in the the very near future (unless it turns out to be so bad that I just delete this post and pretend it never happened :))