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Please Don’t Bother Asking For The Password Any More! – When I decided to share this technique I thought that people may have actually realised on their own that it would not be best to copy the exact example niches I gave. It appears not. Essentially all that has happened is that people have copied exactly and diluted the effectiveness of the method in those areas resulting in people moaning that it doesn’t work. I’m still using the method, all be it in different markets now and it’s still proving to be effective if you put the effort in and stick at it! Anyway, I’ve certainly learnt a valuable lesson from the whole experience.


Yesterday I made over $132 with Adsense. The method I used to do this is the same method I’ve been using for a long while now and it has resulted in some awesome Adsense earnings days, on occasion well over $200. The question is how do I achieve that?

100 dollar day with adsense

I’ve written a lot on this blog about the methods I use to increase my Adsense revenue, most of it is about ad colouring and positions. How to get more traffic etc What I (and most blog owners) have never done though is explain the INS and OUTS of HOW I make that money.

I’m not going to kid you and say that I’m an Adsense heavyweight or an expert. No way am I. I’ve just used Adsense as a tool to enable me to work from home full time. In fact it was the packing in of my job that gave me the time to experiment with Adsense fully and find the “secret” that allows me to make $100+ a day with Adsense. The method I’ll explain doesn’t require any extra money on your behalf. You won’t need to buy traffic or buy anything for that matter. It simply uses Google’s own data to allow you to get the traffic you need to start raking in some serious Adsense cash. It’s all white hat legit. It’s simply about getting targeted traffic.

The other thing I’m not going to say is that this is guaranteed money each and every day, because it’s not. Some days it’s only $30, other days it’s $200. It all depends on xxxxxxxx! There is also a little bit of work involved, an hour or 2 a day anyway. This is probably the main stumbling block on why I don’t hit 3 figures every day. A combination of xxxxxx and me being lazy. The great news is that even though it’s not guaranteed as long as you stick to it even your bad days will gradually get better.

So why would I put my own earnings at risk by explaining the method I use? The simple answer is that I no longer rely that much on Adsense. In the past month or so I’ve really started to hit it off with affiliate products. I see making money online as a ladder. You start of with some simple PTC-PTS stuff, you then move on to your own content and some context sensitive ads. From here it’s selling your own ad space before progressing to making some serious cash as an affiliate. The final step on the ladder as I see it is creating your own products and using an army of affiliates to sell them for you. In the last month I’ve moved up a few rungs to a point where affiliate sales are my main earner now. There aren’t that many days when I can be bothered to put in the effort to ramp it up on the Adsense front, I only did it yesterday so I had an example to post here!

Another driving force behind sharing this information is that I’d like to increase my subscribership. The best way to do that is to give people an incentive to subscribe and generally that means giving something useful away. I can’t think of anything more useful than the techniques I’ve used to make serious cash with Adsense.

Tomorrow I’m going to post in explicit detail what I did to make that $132, but in order to retain some value in the method I’ll password protect that post. In order to get the password all you have to do is subscribe to my blog via e-mail. Once subscribed use the contact form to tell me what address you’ve subscribed under and I’ll send you the password, it’s as easy as that.

Why have you even read this far, didn’t you bother reading the bit where I said I wasn’t dishing out the password anymore?

The $132 Adsense Day Post