Last Updated:- 11th January 2012

When it comes to making money online there are generally 2 camps. The first doesn’t require a website, but will involve you buying traffic. This is inconsistent, high risk and for most people frustrating as hell. The second way of making money online requires very little money up front but will take hard work and some time. I’m a MASSIVE fan of the second way over the first way.

The basics of making money by building your own websites is very simple. You need to research what people are looking for, write about that subject and finally get backlinks to your original content. On your page you then show your visitors relevant offers (be they via Adsense or promoting any number of affiliate programs). Do this over and over, promoting your original keyword targeted content and you will make money online, it’s as simple as that. You don’t believe me? Read this post about why I think blogging sucks and look at the figures. You don’t think you can do it? I’m no big shot at making money online, relatively speaking I’d guess that I’m a very small earner. There are people out there earning way more than me using the very same methods, it’s just about how much time and effort you are prepared to put in. You have to stop looking for a no effort solution and start thinking about researching and building quality content as a job. If you need help with that and possibly walking step by step through the process then I’d strongly recommend you have a look at The Keyword Academy, you’ll learn more practical knowledge from just their core videos than any other course I’ve ever seen!

On to the schemes and networks I use.

Money Making Schemes That Don’t Need A Website

Below are the methods I use to make money without using a website. As far as promoting CPA offers go I keep it very simple. My preferred method is to direct link to fairly low value pay-per-lead offers. I am by no means great or even what I would consider good at it but I have managed to make money using the following networks.

MarketLeverage – CPA Network
I’ve not been signed up with them that long but there is no doubt about just how impressive a CPA network MarketLeverage are. The thing that will hit most affiliates who sign up from smaller networks first is the sheer number of offers and the diversity of those offers. There are very few online markets that MarketLeverage don’t have an offer suitable for. On top of the number of offers is the very generous base level payouts. For example when I switched I went from promoting a Home Survey offer from another network that paid out $1 a lead, a very similar offer on MarketLeverage was paying out $1.50. For me that meant an instant profit from my already established traffic. I’m no big hitter in the CPA market preferring to keep it small and low risk but even I can appreciate the instant benefits that being signed up with MarketLeverage bring. There are CPA networks cropping up all over the place at the moment but the way I think about it is this, if you’re only going to sign up with one you might as well make it the best .

PeerFly – CPA Network
I have to mention PeerFly. They are one of those new CPA networks that I mention above however the reason I recommend PeerFly is very specific. PeerFly are very welcoming to foreign affiliates, and by foreign I mean outside the US and Canada (I live in the UK). This welcome extends to using an automated “call back” system so that you can instantly confirm your details and get up and running. Every other CPA network I’ve joined has involved several phone calls and the sense that you are being interviewed to join their network. If nothing else the time difference can make this a major pain. This is bearable for me but I imagine must be a serious pain if English isn’t your first language. PeerFly obviously appreciate this fact and whilst there are still checks in place their system makes it a much more comfortable experience for non US/Canada based affiliates. Once in you’ll be greeted by a very clean interface highlighted their top performing offers. Whilst the number of offers can’t match MarketLeverage they do tend to get some excellent exclusives – 1 or 2 of which I’ve managed to convert into good profit.

SwagBucks – Paid To Search With the demise of My HomePages Friends I was left with a gap. I was used to being paid for my searches but it looked as though that opportunity had gone forever. Then I stumbled across SwagBucks. SwagBucks don’t pay you per search but rather run a lottery each time you perform a search. In this lottery you can win SwagBucks which can then be redeemed against prizes. So what I here you say, that’s not being paid to search? Well what if I told you that one of the prizes is a $5 Paypal voucher? Now that is being rewarded with cash for searching. In order to redeem this prize you’ll need 70 SwagBucks but get this, you can win up to 20 SwagBucks with a single search! Personally I’ve had plenty of 5 point searches and even though I’ve not been using the SwagBucks system very long I’ve already redeemed plenty of $5 Paypal prizes! In short this pays better than My HomePages Friends.

Money Making Schemes That Need A Website

The bulk of my money comes from running my websites, overall I currently run around 30 different domains spread across every topic of interest in my life. If it interests me then I write about it and try to monetise it. Besides the methods I mention below a significant amount of income comes from promoting various affiliate programs run directly from the merchants. For every niche you can think of there will be a number of companies selling related products or services that you can promote for a price. The easiest way to find these is to Google “keyword” + affiliate. It is this combination of affiliate marketing and PPC advertisements that is the power house of my income.

Google Adsense – Contextual Ads
Contextual advertising from Google. Google have the largest pool of online advertisers and they are just desperate for more places to show these advertisers adverts. By signing up with Adsense you can display these adverts and earn money. In return each time an advert is clicked (pay-per-click) or viewed (pay-per-view) you get paid. Earnings are always in US dollars. In order to get the most from Adsense you need lots of targeted traffic. Any webmaster can make a few dollars using this approach but to hit the big time you need to be thinking about thousands of visitors a day. My own experience has shown that it’s not always the traffic you think that pays best with Adsense, for example I’ve found visitors from the Live and Yahoo search engines create more of my Adsense income than Google’s own traffic. I wrote a post a little while back about one of the methods I used to make big bucks with Adsense!

TrialPay – Payment Method
Think of TrialPay as an alternative to Paypal. If you are selling a product or a service then TrialPay offers your visitors another way of paying you that doesn’t have to involve them parting with cash. In return for your product or service the visitor agrees to try something from one of the large online retailers or services. As it’s likely something they would sign up for anyway in effect they are getting what you give them for free. In return the other company pays you. TrialPay has slowly grown over the last 3 years and I can’t believe that more merchants haven’t taken advantage of their services to get paid for what they currently give away for free. Some examples of companies that have recently jumped on board include AVG and Ad-Aware.

InfoLinks – In-Text Linking
This will be the bit where I used to write about Kontera. Not any more I’m afraid, InfoLinks well and truly blow Kontera out of the water. Using InfoLinks on your webpage’s causes certain keywords to be underlined (either single or double), on hovering over them an advert appears and when clicked you earn. It’s as simple as that. Some people find them obtrusive, however I have never ever had a visitor of one of my websites complain about the use of In-Text advertising. The fact is that the only people who tend to not like them is other webmasters. As with any pay-per-click based advert in order to maximise earnings you need to maximise traffic. Unlike Adsense, organic Google traffic has always contributed most to my InfoLinks earnings.

Click Cash – Being An iFreinds Affiliate
Click Cash is the affiliate for iFriends an online dating/adult friends website. Whilst this might appear at first to be a very small market they offer many creative’s that you can show on your more general websites. In my experience they work well on general personal blog style websites. Perhaps the best thing about Click Cash is the payout, they’ll pay you $80 for each free sign-up you can get them plus a $50 bonus just for signing up as an affiliate That’s a huge chunk of cash.