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WARNING – What I’m about to tell you does 100% work and will increase your InfoLinks income BUT it may seriously piss off any regular visitors you have. As with everything to do with advertising online each and every webmaster has their own line of what is and isn’t acceptable. I only tested this to see if it would work and won’t be using it on this blog, what you choose to do is totally up to you.

InfoLinks are my absolute favourite in-text advertising solution. In all the tests and trials I’ve done their eCPM figure consistently blows away the opposition such as AdBrite and Kontera. It’s no coincidence that I now use InfoLinks exclusively for my in-text advertising.

Even though the earning potential with InfoLinks is better than the others I’m always looking for ways of squeezing even more performance out of my ads. So when InfoLinks made available the option of having their ads single underlined instead of double underlined I just had to try it out. The results were amazing.

As web users we have become used to seeing intext advertising as having the double underline, we know what it is and we can avoid it easily. In the same respect we are used to a single underline being a regular link. If us web savvy people know that and will possibly get caught out by changing to single underlining for ads then imagine what chaos it will cause amongst your average visitor? By chaos I mean extra clicks of course, and it’s exactly what you get when you make the switch.

Moving to single underline almost doubled my CTR instantly. Almost double the CTR equals almost double the revenue as well. It’s a very easy method of making a lot more money from InfoLinks. The question is should you do it? I guess it all depends on your type of website. For example on a static content website where 90% of you visitors are new visitors then I can’t see any harm in it. It’s no more of a “trick” than doing some Google recommended Adsense blending. It will make you more money. On the other hand if you’re running a blog where the vast majority of your visitors may be regular readers, subscribers and simply people you want to keep around then I can’t recommend it. I don’t think it would take too many mistaken clicks where people think they are going to get one of your posts but get an advert instead to turn people away.

So what do you think? It’s extra income but would you be prepared to do it?