December 6th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Isn’t it funny how everything has a life cycle? In the shady world of blogging for money there is a very distinct cycle that goes on and it’s one that most new people (those who have jumped on the blogging band-wagon in the last 3-4 years) aren’t aware off. Simply put when somebody who blogs about how to make money stops making as much money as they’d like they invent a course to tell YOU how to make money and sell that instead. This is nothing new, big name bloggers have been doing it for years, they just give it enough time between product launches to make it look like it’s a whole new concept.

And from that introduction we have John Chow’s new blogging course, complete with enough shit testimonials to sink a battleship, name dropping video segments and even better a really long drawn out sales page perfect for snaring idiots. Just to make sure there’s even one of those really annoying “Don’t Leave Our Page” pop-ups that are as spammy as hell.

A-list blogger releases course, the circle jerk network promotes it by telling all their mailing lists how great it is, lots of hype for a little while and then nothing is ever heard again because the results just aren’t there. Would I buy John Chow’s blogging course, no, not even if I was spending YOUR money.

ps You want a tip? EVEN if there was anything useful in his course do you really think it would be useful after thousands of morons have replicated everything he does?