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Yes my friends, yes negative SEO is now very much a reality! Don’t get me worng, it has been possible to negatively impact on peoples search results for a long time, in fact ever since Google decided that rather than treating “bad SEO” neautrally i.e. ignoring it, there’d prefer to punish it. BUT Google were always sensible enough to look at balance and if you really wanted to take down a competitor you were looking at many months of hard work and not a small amount of money. Now thanks to the latest Google update (nicknamed “What the fuck have you done now”) all this has become much easier. There are so many tools out there that will post links in a way that Google are now penalising that it’s just a case of getting a subscription and submitting your competitors websites. In fact you can do it in a one off if you like, just pay somebody to blast a load of fake forum profiles and you’re done. Even better is if you go by many of the current websites ranking well all we have to do to gain favour with Google again is go back to exact match domains, we don’t even need any content! There are really lots of examples out there of totally blank websites ranking in the top 10 in Google for massively competitive search terms. What progress.

On a slighlty serious note how long are Google going to play this game before they admit they have NO WAY of accurately working out what should go where based on backlinks? As of today (26th April 2012) their search results are worse than what they have ever been. I’m not saying this as an annoyed webmaster (I’m so rock and roll I haven’t even bothered to check if any of my websites are affected), my income doesn’t really rely on Google so I couldn’t care less, I’m saying it as somebody who heavily uses internet search each and every day. The results are getting worse, if it’s not a Wiki page or a Youtube video it’s now a EMD with bugger all real content. In the meantime webmasters who have invested money they made online back into producing good quality content are now nowhere to be seen. This is what Google fails to understand, they want a world of interesting content for them to profit from, whilst assuming that the people producing this content want no other reward than a “wow you’re great”. Get real. The vast majority of the information worth reading online is produced from a source that requires a pay cheque at the end of the month. Just like Google’s employees…because they’re not doing any of this for the greater good either, at the end of the day there is a bottom line.