January 28th, 2009 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

We’d all like to make it to the top of the affiliate marketing tree, I think that’s fair to say right? Out there in the world of blogging there seems to be 2 categories of people who write about achieving that. There are those that are full of shit and bile. Who you wouldn’t trust as far as you could throw. On the other hand there are those that seem genuine and down to earth, they can write honestly and laugh at themselves.

It’s quite rare to come across somebody brand spanky* new who fits the second category. Most new MMO bloggers fit much better into the first, well I think so anyway (Yeah my blogs crap but I’ve got other sites that make money right!) So it was like a breath of fresh air when I stumbled across this blog by Becky Marie. She, like a lot of people (including me) is trying to get ahead in the affiliate marketing game. In debt, wanting a better life and prepared to work hard for it. That’s her not me, I’m not in debt, I’m minted! Not only that but Becky is prepared to write about it honestly, including those zero days that we all get from time to time. Or just about every day when you’re starting out. If something goes wrong she’ll openly write about it ask for help and advice, I’ve never seen that from a blogger in this arena before. Hell I don’t think I’ve seen such an open acceptance of ideas on any blog before. We all pretend to have the answers to everything and openly give opinions as fact. Becky doesn’t.

So what I recommend is this. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you want to try Adwords, you have a sense of humour, then you could do much worse than follow Becky’s exploits and learn from each others mistakes. If I had a blogroll she’d be going on it.

*I’ve been trying to get the word spanky on here for ages, awesome.