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Everybody knows that good quality links that help boost your search rankings are hard to come by? So when you read something about a service that offers to push you up the search results with almost no effort on your behalf it’s likely your bullshit detector will go off. I know mine did. Unfortunately for me a large part of this website is me spending my own cash to try things out so that you don’t have to, so I gave Linx Boss a go and you know what, it does everything it says! Better than that, it’s probably the best link service I’ve ever used.

Linx Boss is so different to the usual linking methods out there. Services like Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Automation, Free Traffic System and My Article Network all require that you provide the content (either you write or outsource) in order to get the links. What starts of as a burst of writing activity can soon grind to a halt as you get bored re-writing the same stuff over and over. Linx Boss does away with this altogether. All it requires is that you specify the page you want links to go to, related categories and up to 4 search phrases to link to your page with (1 primary and up to 3 secondary phrases). That’s it! It literally takes no more than 2 minutes to get going. You sit back and watch your rankings increase…and that’s exactly what happens.

When I began my test of Linx Boss the Google Panda update was very much not in effect in the UK. My sites were still riding high and all was well with the world. You might think it was unfortunate that such a major Google update happened during a test but I think the one thing it shows is just how effective Linx Boss is. My rankings were improving pre Panda and they still continue to improve post Panda. Check out this screen shot for proof of just how well Linx Boss works:-

Linx Boss Proof Small

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The bottom 3 results are all for a home page that has massive competition and has had nearly 2 and half months of the Linx Boss treatment. It is the only linking I have used on that website. Look at that one second from the bottom, using only Linx Boss I’ve ranked a page that doesn’t even contain the exact target phrase from nowhere to number 18 in 2 months, against 26 million competitors! The other phrases are for deep pages that I’ve added in recently but the upward movement is still very impressive. If you used this to snipe keywords with less competition you’d be on to an affiliate marketing winner in no time. This isn’t a one off either, I’ve seen similar results across all 5 of the websites I’m using Linx Boss with. Even on pages where I’m ranking 3-4 for my main target search the addition of Linx Boss has been enough to hit number 1 within 4-6 weeks. I can’t tell you just how refreshing it is to find something like this that does what it says. Not only that but does it with so little input from your end.

Of course there are a few restrictions with Linx Boss. First of all it is by no means cheap, $147 a month gets you a 5 domain subscription. This allows you to add 5 domains into the system, each domain can have unlimited pages added to target but you are given a maximum of 1000 links a month (200 per domain). You might think this isn’t a lot but the fact the results speak for themselves should be enough. You’ve got to keep in mind this system isn’t about huge numbers and Google penalties. Also, with even a little keyword research it’s not going to be hard to pull back $147 in income (one of my Clickbank accounts has gone from making $20-$30 a day to over $70 from the extra traffic from these rankings). If $147 a month seems like a lot of money you migt be best off staying well clear. It’s also worth noting that you can roll domains in and out at your leisure, you’re not stuck with the same 5 domains for the length of your membership.

The other restriction is in terms of quality. DO NOT try to add crap websites to the Linx Boss system. You need decent quality websites with original content. Your MFA scraped junk isn’t going to get accepted so don’t even waste your time. It isn’t some sort of miracle system, it works by pointing good quality links at good quality content. The owners are very proud of what they’ve built and I don’t blame them one bit for having high standards.

That’s about it really, Linx Boss is certainly the best $147 I spend each month and if you want to give it a go you can sign up here. Yes I get a commission if you do signup, but yes it still absolutely works. If you’re already using it I’d love to know what sort of results you’re getting?

ps I really wish I could have gone into more detail about how I use Linx Boss and how I’ve set things up but I’m sorry, it really is as simple as I say above. You literally add a URL, select some categories and chuck in your keywords. There is nothing more to it.

Edit:- I’ve had a couple of e-mails from people wanting to see more proof so here’s a screenshot of another of the websites I’m testing with Linx Boss, you’ll notice this one is going after higher value keywords but the level of success is just the same!

Linx Boss Review

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