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If you’ve been following this blog for long enough you’ll know just how highly I rate Market Samurai, it really is one of the very few programs I recommend. However in the last week they’ve ran into problems with Google, it seems that some changes Google has made have broke the Market Samurai Rank Tracker, as well as a few other functions. They do have a workaround in place so that small scale users are back up and running but I’m finding the rank checking results less than great. So I went out looking for a more permanent solution to the Market Samurai rank checking problem and I think I’ve found it.

Not Big On Reading? You Can Find The Solution I’m Using Here

In the past rank tracking was done using their cloud infrastructure but it looks like this can no longer happen, nor is it likely that this functionality will be back anytime soon either. The workaround of using your local internet connection works OK if you’re only checking a few keywords but it soon baulks if you have more than a couple of websites. Then there is the problem of if you do go over a limit you’re going to end up with your Google access temporarily suspended, not a disaster from home but imagine doing that from a work network!

My Market Samurai Rank Tracking Solution

What I’m thinking is you need something that makes you anonymous to Google (people worry about being associated with certain search phrases and having their sites penalised), has enough bandwidth to handle the requests in as speedy a fashion as possible and eliminates the possibility of getting Google’s suspended service notice. The answer is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). So I did a bit of research and found a company that offers an anonymous VPN service. It basically encrypts any data and uses one of over 23,000 IPs for requests (all traffic really), that “should” be a viable solution then. I’ve only been testing for a day but all seems OK, you don’t even need to configure anything in Market Samurai to use it, and at less than $80 a year for unlimited access it is very affordable for anybody looking at checking lots of rankings. I’ll let you know if anything changes but it looks like I’ll be sticking with it. If you want to give it a go you can find them here, it’s only $12 for a 1 month subscription to try it out.

The Other MS Ranking Solution I Looked At

The only other thing I could think off was looking at alternative software and the one that keeps on cropping up is something called Rank Tracker. It’s only $99.75 and it works well but my grudge with this is that in order to keep up to date with search engine format changes there is a subscription model for updates. If I was going to do that I could go back to WebCEO which offers the same. What I love about Market Samurai and what makes me so loyal to them has been the enormous amount of regular updates they’ve made to their software, it’s obviously a passion of theirs, being a software developer I can appreciate that. The added bonus of what I’m doing is that I can use the VPN service with other things as well so in terms of value for money I think I prefer my solution that lets me still use Market Samurai.