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Market Samurai have just launched their affiliate program so expect to see a lot of fake reviews from the usual A-List suspects. A totally legit piece of software that has helped me make thousands of dollars is about to get the full IM launch treatment and I want you to be aware of just how unlike 99% of the crap out there this is.

I first mentioned the Market Samurai software in August of 2008 in this post. First impressions were very good and I’ve since gone on to mention it many more times:-

September 2008
April 2009
September 2009
March 2010

Just those posts should give you some idea of just how much of an impact on my make money efforts this software has had. Besides my own posts I’ve also tried to drop it into the conversation on other blogs where people are raving about the latest system for this and that which are already covered better in Market Samurai. It is absolutely the first tool I look to when it comes to keyword/market research. Every single profitable niche that I’ve discovered in the past 2 years has been in some way thanks to Market Samurai. The really cool thing is that it doesn’t pretend to be doing anything magic, nope, “all” it does is manipulate what Google and a couple of other very well respected data providers give you in a way that turns what would be days of research into a 30 minute job. I love it.

There are many other elements to the software besides the raw keyword stuff but to be honest I barely go near them but just in case you’re interested there are modules for SEO Competition (i use this with the Keyword research module the most), Domain Finder (never used it), Monetization (find affiliate links quicker), Find Content, Publish Content, Promotion and the ever coming soon – Adwords. As I’ve said before 90% of my time in Market Samurai is spent in Keyword Research followed by SEO Competition. They alone are more than worth the money.

On top of being a great keyword research tool Market Samurai also has some great benefits that show you how much its developers understand and appreciate the world of making money online.

For a start it has been written using the Adobe Air platform so it works on any operating system. There are no issues running this software on a Mac. The next is the frequency of the updates. How often do you buy software and then find that 2 months later it’s totally out of date and the data you’re pulling makes no sense? It happens to me on a fairly regular basis. Market Samurai on the other hand has been updated more than any other program I’ve bought since I started making a living online. It is constantly being updated with bug fixes and improvements and the Air platform makes these updates a piece of cake to perform.

The final big thing about Market Samurai is that it comes at a one off price. In a day and age where everybody seems to want a monthly subscription (and keeping in mind what I’ve said about the updates) it’s amazing to get software of this quality at a one of price. On a personal level I couldn’t even keep count of how many times it has paid for itself.

So there you have it. Market Samurai is the most important piece of IM software I’ve ever bought and is a must buy for anybody who is serious about niche marketing. It’s a one of payment of $149 and there is also a free trial version available.

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