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Michael Kwan, what a hoot! How dare he suggest that I’m slap dash about my blogging, does he not know that blogging is my life? Shame on his clumsy, accident prone self.

Anyhoo, I’ve had a really good time with the Midphase Affiliate Program recently and so have decided that it’s something worth sharing. My plan was to do this on Saturday but I went out on Friday night with a few friends and managed to get totally shit-house drunk. Saturday was a no go and I was still blowing a very high reading when I checked Sunday (if you’ve subscribed to the RSS via e-mail wanting the password for the $100 day Adsense post then I’m still playing catch up). Fortunately my head has just about returned to Earth so here we go, the Midphase Affiliate program and how to make money with it.

Midphase are actually only 1 brand under an umbrella owned by the UK2 Group. They provide cheap Windows and Linux hosting on a very large scale. I started using Midphase for my shared windows hosting several years ago, during that time it has been a rocky ride (up time and support hasn’t been the best during several transitions) but for the last 12 months under the ownership of UK2 the service really has picked up. Out are the foreign call centres, in is the reliable hosting with good support. Why mention this? I never really feel comfortable promoting a product that I wouldn’t use myself. That’s important to me, perhaps even more so than getting another commission.

The affiliate program used to be run as a sub section of the Midphase operation itself (including ANHosting as well) but recently the group has established it’s own affiliate system to work across all the UK2 Group brands, including Midphase. One thing that has not changed in that time however is the payout, a fantastic $85! To get an $85 commission on a product or service you’d normally have to sell your soul concocting all sorts of bullshit. If you’re promoting Midphase you don’t need to do this, from my own experience their price point sells on its own, all you need to do is direct traffic in the right direction. The cheapest Midphase offering comes in at only $4.95 a month, that’s less than $5 a month for your own “properly” hosted website. Whilst it may not be as cheap as some dodgy resellers, reseller hosting this is for first line hosting i.e. you are dealing directly with the company that owns the servers, and for that $4.95 is very cheap! Because they are now using a dedicated team for the affiliate business the actual system in place is very good, everything you’d expect from a stats system plus very quick responses to any affiliate queries. The backend matches some of the top CPA networks. I have promoted a few hosting offers in my time and in terms of both backup and conversion this has been the best.

How Do I Promote Midphase?

The single best way I’ve found of promoting hosting type offers is through the use of a guide. As people who have had our own sites for a number of years we seem to take it for granted that everybody knows how to go about sourcing a domain name and setting up hosting, nameservers etc etc The reality is that there are thousands (tens of thousands?) of people each day who are totally new to this world and don’t have the first clue. Sure they would like their own website but they don’t really know where to get started. I did a step-by-step of the whole process a long time ago now and this was one of my pages where I’ve recently stopped selling links. Instead I decided to put in my own affiliate link and from that point there’s been no going back. This method does not need a lot of traffic, as an indication I’m seeing an average 10% CTR and from that a 5% conversion rate, or in plain English about 1 conversion for every 200 visitors (give or take a few). Hosting referrals is a competitive market to enter but the rewards are very good, you only need a tiny slice of the pie.

As a next step I’d suggest you go over to Midphase and see what types of hosting they have to offer. If you like the look of them (or perhaps just the sound of $85 per sign-up!) then the affiliates link is at the top of their page. Good luck.