June 23rd, 2009 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

I’ve liked using the My Homepages Friends service, in the time I’ve been using them I’ve made almost £80 just from internet searches. It’s been a nice little win/win situation.

However, I’ve just received notification that they are changing their business model, instead of paying you for your searches they are going to give the money to charity on your behalf. Whilst that is all well and good it’ll kill the service over night. People use it because they want to earn money by searching the internet, not because they want to give to charity. There are plenty of other ways of doing that.

It’s been good whilst it lasted but the simple solution for me now is to change over to SwagBucks, I’ve already got a couple of hundred points from my referrals so it should take me no time at all to be redeeming some decent rewards.

You heard it here first, SwagBucks is the future of paid to search!