March 18th, 2009 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

First of all thank you to Mizz Mercedes for letting me know about this. It seems like My HomePages Friends (the get paid to search, search engine) are suffering from click fraud. This always seems to happen with any low value, high volume money maker. Things must be getting bad though because one of the countries that users can no longer use the service from is the USA! That’s right, because of click fraud My HomePages Freinds have stoppped accepting US users.

To be honest this is the first network of any kind that I’ve heard of actively banning US users. There are some places in the world (that I’ll not mention cos I always get abuse when I do!) that are very well known for having a large number of users who will try to defraud any system going for a few dollars. I never thought US users came anywhere near that category. In terms of the countries that you can still use MyHomepages Freinds from it leaves:-

United Kingdom

Sorry but if you’re from anywhere else then your fellow country folk have taken away the option of using My Homespages Friends as an income source. It’s a bit of a bummer for people like me who spent the time to promote the service in a niche that is dominated by US traffic but I guess that’s just the way things go. On the good news front at least they are making the commitment to pay out any money already owed to those people whose accounts are going to be closed becuase of this. They could have just closed the accounts and that be the end of it. At least by making the commitment to pay people what they’ve already earnt with MyHPF they are showing themselves to be genuine.