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I’ve been using My Search Funds Now for nearly a month and don’t have anything bad to say. So far just my own searches have netted me nearly $15, add in the searches from my 120+ referrals (and their referrals) and the total means I’ll be getting paid very soon! Not bad at all for doing what I was already doing anyway. As far as getting referrals goes it’s not a hard sell, get paid for doing the internet searches you do anyway, who could resist?

In the time I’ve been using My Search Funds they’ve had problems with their Meta search engine but the good news is that things are now sorted. Whilst it didn’t hurt any earning potential it did raise questions about future plans. In a move to rebrand My Search Funds have now become HomePages Friends. As part of the re-launch they’ve now also teamed up with a permanent search partner in the shape of Yahoo. This is excellent news for future stability and shows that they are in fact a serious business with long term plans. I can’t wait to get my first payment from them and will be posting proof as soon as I get it.

For those not in the know HomePages Friends pay you for doing the searches that you do anyway. It works by installing an extra search bar in your browser, every time you use this to search you get paid (no popups, spyware, extra ds). Average payment for each search is around 2p-3p (or $0.04 – $0.06 US). What I’ve learnt since using it is that I don’t search as much as I thought, even so I’ve quickly built up some nice earnings with them. Before you ask, you are paid a percentage of the advertising revenue that they generate from Yahoo so it is a pretty future proof plan, certainly as long as Yahoo are still around! The key with earning money with these systems is to get your friends on board, HomPages Friends will pay you 3 levels of referral, so you’ll be earning from your friends, friends, friends searches. As I’ve found already the numbers soon start to stack up. When I joined My Search Funds there were about 70,000 members, when I look today I see that HomePages Friends has over 100,000. This is growing quickly and it’s the early adopters that will benefit most.

HomePages Friends has quickly become one of my favourite totally passive income earners. Why not give them a go, you’ve literally got nothing to lose?