December 23rd, 2011 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

And this screen shot just goes to confirm what I was saying in this post. Now that the troublesome domain has been moved to SEDO all of a sudden the CPU throttling on my hosting account has gone from over 45000 seconds an hour, to a few seconds and now finally no throttling at all. All the other websites on that hosting account are now lightning fast again 🙂

No More CPU Throttling

I have learnt a very valuable lesson here, you just never know how other people are managing their websites (or who they may have pissed off) so buying one is always going to be a hell of a risk. It’s a risk that has to be factored into what you are prepared to pay for something. It’s the brick and mortar equivalent of buying a business only to discover that there’s scummers coming around and breaking the windows once a month. Anyhoo….never again.