July 24th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Thus concludes the most expensive 6 months of my life. Seeing as how things have really slowed down online (yes they have, sorry but the online economy is very much related to the bigger real world economy) I’ve decided to clean up a few things and get my financial position in as solid a way as possible going forward. In lamens terms? This meant paying off the mortgage. At age….33 (I had to double check for a moment) I no longer have a mortgage and we own our own house. The decision to do this was quite a hard one and involved wighing up the pro’s and con’s of having some debt but in the end it just came down to how unreliable things are at the moment. Even with all the websites I own and the various sources of income I have it’s scary just how much things can jump around from one month to the next so not having a mortgage to worry about is a big weight gone from my shoulders. More relaxtion should equal more productivity, or so I hope. Anybody currently shitting themselves over the way their income is going might want to think about that a bit, I have first hand experience of worrying not being a great motivator for quality work.

Of course life never goes smoothly, no sooner had the mahoosive amount of money left my bank account for one thing when the other great job in my life decided to kick me in the teeth. Namely my boat decided to throw a wobbler and the engine had to go. Have you any idea what a new outboard motor goes for these days?! A lot. In quick succession then I’d purchased the 2 most expensive items of my life to date. I’m hoping that’s it for now, I’m really looking forward to just plodding along without too many cares. What I have found is that the notion of making a living from the internet becomes a much more pleasurable one when you can take the time to enjoy it and not feel like you’re just around the corner from the next disaster. With that in mind I can’t wait to start pushing the income figure up again whilst at the same time getting the chance to enjoy the new boat engine, there are fish out there with my name on them.