August 15th, 2011 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Like I said I’ve been away on holiday recently, it’s brilliant to recharge the batteries from time to time and there’s no better way of doing that than getting away from it all. I say getting away from it but when you work for yourself there’s only so much of “it” you can afford to get away from. So this time I packed up my trusty but hated Macbook and took it with me. The truth is I’ve probably written more new content in the last 2 weeks than I have in 2 months at home, it’s simply a case of a lack of distractions.

We deliberately booked ourselves into accommodation that hat a Wifi zone because I knew I’d have to do some work over the period of a 2 week holiday. Shared internet PCs are fine for the teenage facebook crowd but not great when you’ve got to use FTP, may have to alter and rebuild software or more importantly when you are dealing with money online and need security. What I wasn’t expecting was that the Wifi would extend just far enough up the hotel to reach our room with a weak intermittent signal. It’s this signal that has helped me to be so productive, in one of the bedrooms I can use the internet fine and can research or check stats, look at emails, basically I can do everything I could ever want to do as if I’m working from home. On the balcony there is no wireless signal and during the day when I’ve had enough of the pool or beach this is where I like to sit with my feet up. It’s nothing to start up the laptop and with the sound of my daughter playing in the pool below, the sun beating down, tap away till my hearts content. It’s writing and getting a tan at the same time, it’s easy, enjoyable and I’m pumping out new articles like a machine. Right now as I write this I’m in a pair of shorts, sipping a beer and totally relaxed. I don’t have to worry about new mail notifications popping up, twitter alerts or any of the other million distractions that come along with having an internet connection. It’s the perfect environment in which to write. Having the best of both worlds within one apartment means I don’t need to travel down to the dedicated Wifi zone where I’d just spend all my time checking e-mails and counting money. Neither of which is really productive when it comes to making money online.

The question is what can I learn from this and bring home with me? For a start I’m going to schedule router downtime each day. For a couple of hours each afternoon I’m going to kill the internet connection and just concentrate on writing new content. If this works I might extend it to the whole afternoon and see if it also helps when writing software. That’s a little bit more difficult because a lot of software development involves research but I can only try. On the other hand it may not work from home at all. Maybe it’s only possible to be this relaxed and productive when you’re in a relaxing environment and home is anything but that at the moment. Each and every time I leave the damp drab island I call home there is an overriding niggle that I was born to live somewhere hot, happy and relaxed. I always wanted to retire somewhere hot and sunny, maybe it’s time to consider working somewhere hot and sunny instead.