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Let me get a disclaimer out straight away, Project Payday only accept US and Canadian residents into their system. Because of that I have never had the chance to use it first hand. The thing is I have never ever recommended anything from my blog that I haven’t personally tried before until now. The reason I’m putting Project Payday out there is simply down to the number of e-mails I receive relating to my $100 Adsense day post from people who are desperate for money quickly. “Can I speed it up?”, “Are there any shortcuts?” etc etc Sure we’d all like a quick buck but with the way things are at the moment I get the impression that rather than just being greedy some people are genuinely up to their necks in shit. Most ways of making money online require time and patience (and money). Before going away I put it on my “to do” list to try and source something (anything) online that gives people the opportunity to earn without having to wait a long time for results. The compromise is that instead of taking time it will take effort. Project Payday was the best I could come up with – and here’s the second part of the disclaimer, Project Payday requires you to work at it, it’s not a sit on your bum and wait for the money to role in system, you actively have to work at it. The good news is that if you do, it might just provide you with a way and means of keeping your head above water.

What Is Project Payday?

Instead of your usual get rich quick schemes that are 10 a penny on the internet Project Payday pushes itself as something different. It’s much more a work at home job than some loophole that will promise to make you a fortune. At its core it requires you to work, the work you will be doing is trying out offers from online advertisers. Not exactly hard labour is it? But does it work, does it pay? I’m not exactly Mr Popular online but I do have a decent number of connections, several of which have tried and reviewed Project Payday. They tried it to review it if you get what I mean? They are 100% convinced it’s totally legitimate and that’s good enough for me. Even better is that it’s totally free to use, there is no cost associated with signing up with Project Payday.

How Much Can I Earn?

$10,000 a day is the norm! Joke! The figures I see banded around online vary between $150 and $250 a day. I think that may be a little optimistic (I’m sure 90% of America would be doing it if they could earn $250 a day!). Of the 2 people I spoke to who tried the system one was consistently earning $60-$70 a day and the other just under $100. I can think of plenty of people I know working for other people who are earning less than that.

Whether you’re looking for money to invest into other online money making schemes or you’re simply looking for a way of paying the rent Project Payday is a rarity online – a legitimate work from home money maker.

Project Payday is TOTALLY FREE For All US and Canadian Citizens, Check It Out, You Have Nothing To Lose!