December 8th, 2016 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Hate them. Why send one e-mail when you can send 15? Just because you’ve made some changes to how you operate you REALLY don’t need a personal response from me to tell you how great you are, especially if in the last 8 years you’ve paid me a total of about £23! The affiliate relationship should be dead simple, if I make you money then I make money. The more I make you the more I make. IF I can find somebody else to promote who I can make more money from then that’s where my loyalty falls, to myself and making money, sorry about that. There is no client relationship here so please stop pretending there is, in the same way I don’t work for your company and we’re not doing each other favours! More importantly if your employer is not making money then neither am I. Whilst you as an affiliate manager get your salary no matter what, the affiliate doesn’t. So please remember that when you’re firing off you 18th e-mail of the day about something that doesn’t really concern me pushing for a reply, feedback, comment, praise or whatever the hell else you want.

The only times I really want to hear from a company I’m an affiliate for is 1. To pay me 2. Compliance/legal issues. 3. Facts that may help us make more money, actual figures. That’s it. Obviously if they are brilliant at what they do and are easy to promote then there is more leeway for experimentation and trying things as a “favour”, friendly banter and generally giving more time to people who are paying you. At the end of the day though it’s still a working relationship and I’m well aware that just about every company out there would screw me over if it came down to me or them. Cynical? Yes. But based on a lot of personal experience and being left in the lurch many many times.