April 10th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

It never rains but it pours! No sooner do I recommend switching from Build My Rank to Rank Jumpers than Rank Jumpers itself comes under the spotlight of Google. Rank Jumpers has now been de-indexed, the service is closing and all posts will be removed. Google really do have their knickers in a twist of this link building services don’t they? Are there any “safe” options out there? Well there’s at least one very good one….

The networks that are getting hit hardest in all this all have one thing in common, they rely very heavily on a private blog network on which to create posts with links in them. If I was you I’d be looking at systems that aren’t using their own blogs but instead are posting content to well known public directory and blog sites on your behalf. Right now about the safest option is Unique Article Wizard, sure it lost some of its luster when compared to these new hands off systems in the past few years but the fact is it’s still effective and more importantly it would be much harder for Google to impact simply because of the nature of the article syndication being used.

And frankly, if Google now find a way to shut down UAW then I’m giving up ever writing about these linking systems ever again (Don’t even get me started about how much this site has been impacted by all this even though I never use any of the promotion methods I write about with it, it’s enough to make somebody paranoid :))