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We all know that when it comes to making dollars online things change on a daily basis. With this in mind I though it was worth looking again at some of the things I’ve recommended people try in the past to see if they were still effective.

7Search PPC Affiliate Marketing

Is it really nearly 3 years since I wrote this post about making your first money with affiliate marketing, wow!

Being totally honest it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything much with paid traffic, I hated the way that so many rules were introduced regarding landing pages, then just when you got your head around that you’d find offers being taken down all the time. The industry has gone through some large changes and it appears as if it’s finally starting to settle down again. So when I got my usual account balance reminder from 7Search (I’ve had $100+ sat in it for ages doing nothing) I decided why not give one of the old methods another blast and see how I got on. The short story is that it still works fine.

To start off with I went in to Peerfly and picked an E-mail/Zip Submit offer at random. I literally just picked the first one that was at the top of the list for that day, it ended up being something to do with Scrapbooking. Once I had the offer I went into Market Samurai, put in the keyword “scrapbooking” and created a list of keyword possibilities, these were then filtered to create the list (100-150) with the most traffic.

Once I had my offer and my keywords I created a simple campaign in 7Search, the actual ad itself came courtesy of mish mashing a couple of Adwords ads, I direct linked to the offers landing page and other than 3 more competitive phrases I left every keyword at the default $0.05 bid. All of this work in total took a lot less than 20 minutes. So how did I get on?

Drum roll please….well I’ve made $10.80

Peerfly Profit

from a total advertising spend of $6.03

7Search Spend

That’s a healthy 55% profit margin. Yeah I know the figures are small but you have to remember I put virtually no work into this. There are people who spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of their time and never see a single dollars PROFIT from running PPC campaigns. In this case there are over 200 similar E-mail/Zip Submit offers I could have (and may) promote doing this on Peerfly alone. I haven’t even looked at slpit testing ad copy, or optimising bid amounts, or looking for better paying similar offers or anything in fact. I just chucked it up as quickly as possible to see if it still works and to get rid of some of my balance with 7Search. If PPC was your thing you could easily adapt this to making significant amounts of money.

LinxBoss Still Works As Of January 2012

Have you noticed plenty of movement with the search results lately? Have you noticed the traffic tanking on your blogs? It seems that Google is mixing things up again but the good news is that LinxBoss has been just as effective for me in the last 2 months as it always has. The great joy with LinxBoss is it either absolutely works for what you’re targetting or it doesn’t, for the vast majority of keywords I’ve been after it has worked. When it works you just see a relentless march up the search results.

LinxBoss Results January 2012

You’ll see from that image (click for larger version) that I’ve broadened the number of keywords I’m targetting using LinxBoss for that domain, you’ll also see that I’m not exactly cherry picking low competition keywords. It’s not cheap but it works, and when you can rank for decent traffic keywords that are attracting $5+ Adwords bids it doesn’t take long to get your money back and then some.