March 30th, 2010 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Let me put my psychic hat on for a minute….I’m predicting right about now, perhaps maybe yesterday, perhaps tomorrow..there are a lot of people who have just discovered something about The Shoemoney System. What they have just discovered is that when you try to get your Shoemoney System refund you only actually get the second month refunded? Don’t ask me why cos I don’t know. All I know is that I discovered it a few (3 I think) weeks back, it seems that once you have made that second payment then that’s all you get back.

If you go into ClickBank post refund request you’ll see your subscription status as cancelled but no way of requesting a refund on that first payment. I hope you have more joy asking ClickBank than what I had. I’ve given up and will put it down to experience. As this is being handled by ClickBank I can’t say that it is Shoemoney at fault but even so it’s not quite a 60 day no questions asked 100% refund is it? Unless the course got better than setting up a Facebook Fan page after I left I’m guessing there could be some angry punters out there.

As an aside how is everybody finding the system, the whole blogosphere has gone very quite about it, I was expecting to see several reviews from people who were well on their way to 4 figures (if not a lot more by now)?