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Hail Mary

May 7th, 2008 1 Comments

So as I’ve eluded to recently the old Adsense/PPC side of things isn’t going so great at the moment. It’s been a bit shite for certainly at least the last month anyway. Adsense/Kontera and WidgetBucks all seem to be not wanting to give me my usual amounts of cash.

In the spirit of “speculate to accumulate” I’ve just pumped a Hail Mary lump of money into something new that I hope will replace this income long term, but with very short term benefits! In fact I reckon I’ll know within 2 weeks! I’m really hoping it’s going to be one of those “Yes, Get In There, I am The Best”, moments (Just like TrialPay) and not one of those “Well What A Waste of Time That Was”, moments (Just like Agloco).

Of course you, my loyal readership shall be the first to know, winner or not I’ll be posting about this in some detail in the the very near future (unless it turns out to be so bad that I just delete this post and pretend it never happened :))

Project Wonderful, Maybe Not Wonderful But It’s Pretty Good!

February 25th, 2008 3 Comments

I’ve got myself a new advertising network and it goes by the name of Project Wonderful. The question is though does it live up to its name?

As A Project Wonderful Publisher
For anybody who has ever signed up with any advertising network in order to have ads published on your website the whole process at Project Wonderful should be instantly recognisable. Put in a few basic details about yourself, the website you want to show ads on and wait for approval. Mine took a couple of days to come through but I’d rather have that wait and they be manually approving websites than have little or no wait and have a network flooded with rubbish websites. Once approved you can then design an ad block to put on your website. Once your ad block is in place advertisers get to bid on how much they are prepared to pay per day to have their advert show in one of your slots. From then on every second that their ad is live you are earning money. Only the top bidder (or enough top bidders to fill your slots) gets their ad shown. This ever lasting auction format should ensure that each ad spot will eventually find it’s “natural” price. What I’ve found though is that most ads seem to be well under priced, I’ve been struggling to find many where the daily cost is more than a few ($0.10) cents, mine here averages around 3 cents a day (or $0.93 a month). I haven’t tried direct advertising on yet but I’m fairly sure I could muster more than that for a 125×125 ad slot. So with this fairly low income source you have to ask yourself what type of website will Project Wonderful ads work best on? I have a feeling that low traffic, very tightly targeted niche sites are going to demand the best prices, lets face it if you have large amounts of traffic then there are better ways of making more money from advertising. On a niche site all it takes is a few others in your same niche to start a bidding war and you could make a nice bit of change from very little traffic with Project Wonderful.

As A Project Wonderful Advertiser
This is where wonderful almost becomes apt. Because of the relatively low value that publishers seem to be getting for their slots the flip side of this is that as an advertiser Project Wonderful offers a great opportunity to get some cheap visitors. I’ve only bought a couple of ads so far but for 2 cents a day I’ve got an ad running linked directly to an affiliate deal on a very high quality, targeted authoritive website. The result is $10 conversions from almost no advertising cost! I’m not talking huge numbers here but for 5 minutes setup time you can’t complain! Obviously as Project Wonderful becomes more popular you can expect the advertising costs to go up but as it stands it must be one of the most cost effective ways of getting a niche market ad.

What About The Money
I’ve talked about how to make money with Project Wonderful but how does the money side of things work? As I said you make money for each second that there is a top bidder showing in one of your ad slots. This money is added to your balance which you can then use to either fund your advertising (this is what I do) or alternatively when your balance reaches $10 you can withdraw the money via Paypal. Project Wonderful cover the Paypal charges so you do get paid what you have earnt, no hidden fees here. If I was you though with advertising costs being so low I’d be tempted to leave the money there to fund some advertising and try and leverage some affiliate deals to make the bigger bucks.

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