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April 22nd, 2008 1 Comments

I know that lots of people turn their noses up when I tell them that I make some of my money online from filling in surveys. To be honest I don’t care, I spend anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day with my head buried in web pages, software coding or internet marketing and a couple of 5 minute “no brainer” breaks a day are quite welcome, the fact you can get paid is a bit of a bonus. Now there is a way to make money from people like me who do surveys, other than promoting survey lists through ClickBank. You can now refer people and get paid each time they complete a survey. Get more than a few active users and this becomes a much better payment model for affiliate marketers who are interested in this niche.

Casharella (yeah bad name I know) are the newly released affiliate wing for Planet Panel surveys and they want to encourage affiliates to build thier own little (or not so little) harems of survey participants. For the first survey that each new referral completes you will be paid €1, for each survey after that it’s €0.25. Now I know this doesn’t sound a lot but say for example you referred me 12 months ago. I’m not exactly overly active but conservatively I do 2 surveys a day, you’ve just made €175. The thing with surveys is that once you do a few they become addictive (My wifes sister spends 3 hours a night filling in surveys and entering online competitions!) I know that just by word of mouth I’ve referred 6 friends and family who do at least one survey a day each. I haven’t been paid a penny for that, if Casharella was around at the time then I’d have made a nice bit of money.

As with all these rolling commission based referral programs the key is getting the numbers in. Refer enough active users and you will do really well out of it. The best way of making that reality is to jump on any new program early before everybody else starts promoting it. I’m always a bit reluctant about recommending any new affiliate program until I’ve had enough time to give them a propper go but I’ve already made some money using Casharella so I’m happy enough to post about it.

(Just to make things clear that payment currency is Euros and not Dollars, for any of us on the Eastern side of the Atlantic that makes a big difference).

Brainjuicer – Doing Surveys For Money

September 13th, 2007 3 Comments

The Brainjuicer is my favourite online survey company, of all the companies they have been the most reliable. Not only do they send surveys frequently but more so than the other’s I use they seem to be far more suited to my tastes as well as being a reasonable amount of time to complete.

What a lot of people don’t tell you about Online Surveys is that the chances of you being sent lots of surveys are good but the chances of you qualifying to do them all are small. The great thing with Brainjuicer is that to date I’ve had a 95%+ success rate, this is good because it means more money. Another plus for Brainjuicer is that the actual survey interface works well, I’ve yet to experience any javascript problems or things like that which are sometimes associated with Online Surveys. The pay for a UK surveyor (is that even a word?) is about average at £1 for each 5 minute survey, I can’t say how that compares to US users but either way I’m sure you won’t get filthy rich with Brainjuicer but it is an enjoyable way to waste 5 minutes and get paid.

If you’re interested and want to sign up they you can find the application side of Brainjuicer here.

It’s A Dirty Secret

August 1st, 2007 3 Comments

This is a really hard one to admit, I feel dirty and ashamed just talking about it, but I actually make money by doing paid customer surveys! There, I said it, I make some of my online money by filling in 5 minute surveys for some of the biggest retail companies out there, hell I’ve even gave my opinions on Big Brother for money. I’ll go and have a shower now.

Making money from online surveysA little while back, before I got involved in the survey scene I was probably as suspicious as anybody. It’s got to be some sort of a scam right, nobody really gets paid for giving their opinions? The only reason I signed up, and this is the gods honest truth (swear on my little girls life) is that for about half an hour each working day I had nothing to do. With the dollar being so poor against my mighty UK Pound I figured that I had nothing to loose for the price of a fish and chip supper. I tracked down one of these sites that gives you lists of survey companies, hand picked the ones that sounded like real companies and signed up for a few, not expecting anything to come of it. A few days passed by with nothing… but then…

I nearly wet myself with the excitement when I got my first “Survey Invitation”, sat there in my inbox. I jumped straight in, gave some honest opinions and 5 minutes later was credited with my first £1.50. Not bad for 5 minutes work. Ever since that day I’ve received a steady stream of surveys from various places (bearing in mind I only signed up with a handful of the companies I could have) and have made good money from it. I don’t think it’s going to buy the next house but at the end of the day it’s money for nothing. I have learnt a few tricks along the way, for example when answering the first few questions to qualify for the survey it’s always best to think of the type of person the company is targeting. The other one is to be selective, it’s possible to spend 25 minutes on a survey that pays you £0.50, not worth it in my opinion.

I’m happy that it works and I’m happy that it’s not a scam. I’ve been paid and spent the money from 2 companies so that’s as real as making money online gets. Like I said I doubt anybody will get rich from it but as another income stream it shouldn’t be knocked. In fact I was that impressed that I signed the wife up and she’s not looked back either, between us it will keep us in meals out for the month.

If you don’t mind feeling dirty and what to give some surveys a go then you can sign up for the same list as what I’ve got here.

(The above link is an affiliate link, affiliate sales is another part of how I make money online)

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