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It’s hard to sum up why I never bothered reviewing Auto Traffic Buddy properly but I guess it can be pretty much sumarised in this Warrior Forum thread. Bloody hell I feel dirty linking to the Warrior Forum!

Basically I thought I was seeing “some” results, which as it turned out when I looked at the actual figures it was miniscule. Going from 50 visitors a day on a website to 60 is so pointless to be useless, especially when you are paying out money for those extra 10 visitors. On all the larger more popular websites I tried ATB on it made bugger all difference and so after 6 months I gave up. It turns out I wasn’t the only one and it’s amazing how quite the testimonials went for this once people had got to see it’s real power. The Auto Blah Blah systems is all about splogging and as we all know Google isn’t so keen. Since removing it I’ve not noticed a single dip in traffic…strange that.

Of course the fact that they closed to new members the moment Google started dishing out penalties was also a reason for not wasting 4-5 hours of my time writing a review, why review something you can’t use? That just about sums it up then.


(Phew, managed to get through that without a single mention of the cult of fanboys that surrounds the Archon Media stuff and how their forum is full of paid yes men….doh!)

(Damn, at least I didn’t question why these people “killing it” with affiliate marketing with these super shit hot methods have gone to the trouble of dealing with supporting assholes like me for $50 a month, I mean would you really?! Doh again!)