March 27th, 2017 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

There has been a lot of chatter about Google’s latest attempt to clean up its search results. The “Fred” update hit on or around the 8th of March 2017 and ever since experts have been debating about what was the main aim and who are the victims: SEO Round Table, Web Text Tool, Cognitive SEO as just a few examples.

So for people who can’t bothered reading a load of bluster and bullshit here is the short version. Google doesn’t want any website helping a business make money other than Google. That ladies and gentlemen is what the Google Fred Update is all about. As I may have mentioned once or twice already in the near past the website affiliate game is dead, either own your own product OR find a way of reaching an audience that doesn’t involve web search….both preferably. Relying on Google for anything other than lining their own pockets is a mugs game. Google will not be happy until EVERY business that wants to promote a product or service online has no other advertising partners other than Google. The way they achieve this is to heap ever more pain on websites with affiliate links/advertising which in turn limits the effectiveness for businesses of running an affiliate/3rd party advertising program. Much easier to bung another 10 grand a day on Adwords!