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I’m going to put this down as the biggest mistake I’ve ever made online. It’s now cost me hundreds of pounds, forget your dollars here I’m talking big boys currency, hundreds upon hundreds of genuine great british pounds!

The mistake I made was simple. I created a web page about how I make money online. In that I included 2 referral links that should never ever live together. One being an e-product that explains the football betting system that I myself have signed up for and make a decent amount of money from. The second being an affiliate link for a bookmakers that does 30% profit/loss share!

Have you guessed what’s happened yet?! Basically I referred somebody to the betting program and made a nice one time $20 commission. I also referred the same person to Bet365 who then following the football system has cleaned up. How do I know this? Because the sod e-mailed me after I posted this post about getting mullered by your own referrals. How do I know that it’s not somebody taking the piss? Because they said theat they were going to be building up their bets now that they have confidence in the system. I checked my stats for yesterday and……

how to lose at gamling affiliate marketing

That’s right, nearly £200 in a single day! And that’s with other referrals betting and making me money. You really really don’t want to know how much this mistake has just cost me in the last week alone!

So what to do? At the moment I’m running the worst bookmakers in the world, ever. It will take me forever and a day to get that acount to a point where I’ll be making money again. I think I’m going to cut my losses, create a new gambling affiliate account and remove any bloody mention of that gambling system from my money makers page.

Remember I do these stupid things so you don’t have to 🙂 Think you can do better than me? Why not try signing up as a bookie affiliate and give it a go?